i know i know

It’s happened from time to time in the past.  when he’s right, he’s right – and i’m not talk about political persuasion…

Glenn Beck – Get Out of Iraq


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it’s officially summer…

first lightning bug of the year spotted….


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you wouldn’t think so….



June 4, 2014 · 8:00 pm

well no wonder…

Why have movies gone to hell?  We could chat about corporate and legal things trumping creative spirit, but let’s just say we are at a point where the following is a real, honest-to-God capsule description of a film entitled Blood Soaked coming out this year:

A lesbian college couple becomes stranded in the middle of nowhere with a pack of orphaned Nazi zombie breeders hellbent on their demise.

I think it’s a remake of Casablanca…

Weep for a dead art form…


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great new music

The band is Distant Lights – a talented crew from TX that had a dynamite debut album.  Here’s a taste of the upcoming new stuff, from Not Thinking Not Dreaming

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it amazes me that so few people stop to appreciate, get into, or even pay attention to the joy and fun of what is happening…


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hi there

Been awhile, huh?  The cat gripped my tongue with such force that not a single participle emerged.  Simon & Garfunkel are penning a sequel to account for the lapse of literary fluff from this aging bit of rant.

So how have you all been?  I’ve thought about you – well, some of you (and you are quite aware who you are).  The remainders are pleasant drive-by wordsmiths, stopping on their way to a greater destination – such s amazon or nakedmidgetbowling.com (let’s see how THAT effects my search terms for the month).

The crows are screeching at me from the trees outside which means that the windows have been flung in the face of winter and spring is alive and well.

So let’s see – what’s been going on lately.  Spent a week in Florida –  which was great once I discount the constant knot in my stomach (I don’t fly very well).  But much good food and alcohol was consumed and it was wonderful to be pardoned from cubicle hell for a week.

Pictures…need some pictures….


I frequently and furtively watched for the little Twilight Zone demon guy to appear…


Our kewl car (I love convertibles)


View from the balcony (be jealous).


The noon poolside jack and coke (yes I know I should be imbibing some brightly colored frozen rum-based concoction – and most days I did – this was just a base coat, if you will, and the remaining photos – well – were all a bit blurry).

Lobster Mac & Cheese at this awesome (but pricey) place called The Wine Dive.  To die for.


This, however, was our favorite spot and could be an apt description of our presence. Casual, good food decent local band. The contents, btw – Goose Island IPA – incredibly tasty.


How was your day, Dear?



May 18, 2014 · 10:39 am