Yes yes yes we all remember 9-11 – how could we not ?

But let us not forget that…

The US has been at war for 13 consecutive years.

Over the past 13 years more Americans have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan than in the 9-11 attacks.

Obama’s latest announcement is not a new offensive – it’s an escalation ( my that has a nostalgic ring to it).

Big business is not about to let the government – no matter which party is in control – leave the Middle East.

Americans will continue to die due to this never ending war.

I’ve had enough.

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taste the adventure

the saga continues…

the house we were going to buy…we are not going to buy.  walked away from it.  just not what we thought it would be and several issues left unresolved.

so – here we are, 5 days before the moving van arrives and nowhere to go.  Stress???  nah…

Here’s where divine providence steps in. turns out the attorney we were going to use has a house he just refurbished – at least it’s 95% done and to make a long story short, we’re going to buy it.  In a great little town we’ve always liked and they did a stellar job refurbishing.  Since it’s vacant we can move or stuff in the same day the movers show up.  Whew.


we can’t physically move in until closing.  30 days from now. So…

Take a guess how many apartments in the area do month to month leases.  None.

Take a guess how many apartments that allow pets allow our breed of dog.  None.

Take a guess how many efficiency suite hotels in the area allow pets – we don’t know yet.  We’re asking for additional divine intervention.

Will be interesting living out of a hotel for the next month….



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this isn’t monopoly money we’re playing with

It’s been a weird summer.mortimer_duke

We start of by selling the townhouse we’ve lived in for the past…almost 27 years.  It sold fast – that’s the good news.  Now we have to find some place to live.  Me and the Mrs. decided it’s going to take another 8 or so years of working before retiring – so moving closer to my workplace becomes our target.  My commute is now 70 minutes one way – it would be nice (and less costly) to reduce that a tad.

So we find a place…about 20 minutes away from the office.  A house.  Now before you get that look on your face…yes at this stage with the kids gone we are supposed to be downsizing – like all normal people our age do.  What can I say.  Our first attempt at owning a single family home was a total disaster – mostly because we were young, broke and stupid.  I wanted to take another shot at owning a house.  Having said that – it’s not a big house.  In fact share footage wise it’s only slightly larger than what we have now. and a small piece of property.

Turns out the sellers are anxious to close quickly as they have a house to move to as well.  Points in our favor.   So the fun begins – attorneys, inspections, contractors, packing, repairing.  So the inspection of the house we are buying turns up some issues – the most critical of which is termites.  There is obvious damage –  we don’t know the extent or how it was handled.  So we start asking questions. We are still asking questions.  To keep this short, the moving van is showing up this Friday to move us out – and we still don’t have a finalized place to go to.

Now in the middle of all this, the Mrs. is diagnosed with ADEM – it’s a form of MS that hopefully will be a one time, stress-induced event. But only time will tell.  It still may become full-blown MS if it starts recurring.

Tune in next week  – will they be living in a house or in a Kelvanator box along route 22??


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some bullshit

i haven’t laughed this hard in a long time…


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ALS Challenge with a twist – Saving Kennedy

This is the daughter of someone very special to me.  Whatever you can do will be appreciated.  Thanx.

Here’s the link where you can donate… (thanx elyse)



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i know i know

It’s happened from time to time in the past.  when he’s right, he’s right – and i’m not talk about political persuasion…

Glenn Beck – Get Out of Iraq


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it’s officially summer…

first lightning bug of the year spotted….


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