the sands of time

things change.  but most times things change so slowly it’s hard to notice – or we are absent from the change so when we see it the alteration is sometimes mind-blowing. For example, beaches. I grew up spending two weeks every summer on Nauset Heights (East Orleans, Cape Cod, Massachusetts – if i could recite the long/lat I would).  I’ve been there twice since my childhood, once in 1979 and 1999 – on the heels of hurricane Floyd, literally.

To access the beach there were long staircases built into they bluff that led to the Nauset inlet cove. From there one walked around the cove, through “the cut” in the dunes to the ocean side.  Unless, of course, you were a wimp and couldn’t take the 55 degree ocean temps – even in August – and stayed on the cove side – which wasn’t a hell of a lot warmer.

Here’s a view from the top of the bluff stairs, circa 1979…(please excuse the two-tone crappiness of the shot – it was three fotos I slapped together)

foto_EastOrleans_091979_Nauset Cove panoramic


Note the large rock in the foreground, and while the foto offers no perspective, that’s a big-ass rock i used to climb on.  It’s a marker – on it is a plaque honoring two knuckleheads who rowed from that point…to Ireland.

cove rock

3 months in a rowboat.  In the atlantic.  During hurricane season.  Very nice. How I spent my summer vacation…

I digress.  Change.  Here is a shot from the same stairs that was recently taken.


See that white lump about half way down on the right?  That’s the rock. The beach has shifted a bit, no? Locals go down on occasion and dig around the rock so the plaque remains visible.

Things change.



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Happy Saturday

We awoke this morning to a letter from the townhouse association where we live that stated we were not allowed to have two dogs, and if we didn’t “correct the situation ” we would be fined $250 a month. These are the same two dogs we’ve had for the past 4 years…. And now all of a sudden there’s a problem. I wonder if all the other two dog and cat owners got the same letter?

So, get rid of a dog or pay a fine. Well what about kids? Can we make the same claim? “Hi. You have more than one kid. Either kill one or pay a fine.”

Time to move.


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i don’t know what’s going on

This is not unusual in a broader sense.

But lately i’ve been immersing myself in avant grade music – and i’m digging it.  It may be a natural extension of the amount of Zappa I’ve been listening to,  but I’ve picked up a few albums/CDs on a recent spree at Princeton Record Exchange (where else?).

The second string quartet by Gyorgy Ligeti.  You may know the name from the pieces of his featured in 2001: A Space Odyssey (Atmospheres, Lux Aeterna), but this is more layers on sonic imagination.  I understand it’s not everyone’s taste…

Then there is Edgard Varese. His compositions are best described by those with a deeper (albeit sometimes snotty) musical vocabulary than mine. I’ll let the music talk.


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goodbye Egon

Harold Ramis RIP, age 69.


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the big tease

no, i’m not taking about any pop singing diva or porn star – and granted there is a fine line showing there – it’s the wonderful spring weather gracing a much snow-battered (and consequently beer-battered) new jersey.  Yes I Shawshank-Redemptionjpgknow the mercury is supposed to plunge again and the forecast is calling for more of the wearisome white stuff for tuesday and wednesday, but yesterday and today were glorious. You know that scene in Shawshank Redemption were Tim Robbins slithers out of the sewer pipe to freedom and then stands there, arms raised, letting the rain wash over him?  Yeah, that kind of weather.  It’s a taste of what is coming – hopefully sooner rather than later.

In other news, Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.


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and furthermore…

while we’re on the subject of booze, let me just take a moment to say that there is not enough produced in Kentucky to make my daily eight hours of oligarch duty palatable in any way shape or form.  You know how the the_world_we_can_only_dream_32internet is clogged with graphics and pundits all saying “do what you love”?  WTF?  How the frig does that happen? Maybe it’s up to some creative sales and marketing genius to flog certain beverages not found at FourFiveTen Starbuck’s in new and invigorating ways to make the days less mind-numbing and soul-sucking.  FYI – images blatantly stolen from Mike’s Mumbles.

Cack and Joke


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did i really?

pussycatMix057Doing a bit of housecleaning -leafing through a pile of old – we’re talkin’ old here – recipe magazines, pulling out the one or two things that may be worth giving a go.  I did pass on some old-time standards – anything involving olive loaf and cream cheese, and any food in a jello mold.  I did find this ad, tho, and it sparked a memory for me – i used to drink this stuff. When I was 18-21 the drinking age in jersey was 18.  And this nasty thing was my drink of choice.  Gad.  I’m surprised it didn’t kill my taste for bourbon completely.  Bourbon and Tang is what this concoction essentially came down to – and if mixed in the blender produced a frothy white head.  Ugh.  Thank god I grew up.  Well, at least when it comes to alcohol anyway.


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