Now what???

OK. Now that I have your attention….

I’m not sure what to do…yeah like that’s a big newsflash. I always seem to be at the damn crossroads. I have been doing a lot of reading about the power and strength of God, and that I will be taken care of with even a “mustard seed” amount of faith, and to let God rule my heart. Now let me say that I do not espouse the typical christian image perpetrated by suburban Sunday schools when it comes to God. I do not believe there is some large white man sitting in the clouds keeping tabs on every single living thing. In fact, to my way of thinking, there is no all purpose Deity…God ain’t like flour, you know? I am all for everyone having their own concept that gives them comfort, and whatever that is, as long as it hurts no one else and you don’t try to cram it down my throat it ‘s OK by me. I do so like the concept I read in Dyer’s Intentions book about about us all being eternal spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. That idea did give me a calming sense of peace and took much of my death-fear away.

It’s a tough transition, though. Travelling from the ego-driven, self-absorbed way of life to turning everything over to this God/Source that has my best intentions at heart. It’s a new exercise in faith and trust; new territory for me. Let’s just hope I don’t wreck my life in the meantime…



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3 responses to “Now what???

  1. Elizabeth McClung

    You win my award for attention getting ways to talk about God – from the picture, that wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. What? God isn’t my junior high principal: white, kinda moody, sits and stares a lot occasionally sighing?

  2. Chandira

    We all project our Father-idea onto God. We all even call ‘him’ ‘Father’, you know?
    And that has nothing to do with Reality, does it?
    What else could ‘God’ be but Reality, Truth, (the real truth, not the Gospel Truth) Love? Think about that..

    (How did this post escape me, that’s what I want to know.. My pet subject).

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