I Have A New Hero

I have to admit that for the longest time, I passed by Glenn Beck on CNN, making the brash assumption that he was just another neo-right wing blowhard a la O’Reilly and Hannity – whose programs can be seen nightly on DCNN (some of you may know this network by the letters F-O-X, but that is just a euphemism for the Dick Cheney News Network). Oh how wrong I was. I will do the prescribed penance.
Beck is on the money. Period.
Aside from cutting to the core on every issue…he knows how to conduct an interview where so few “hosts” do. He asks a question, and actually lets the interviewee answer. Isn’t that novel? Let’s see O’Reilly try that.
And…he has a great sense of humor. This is one news show worth the watch. And that’s from somebody who thinks TV is at the bottom of cultural civility.


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2 responses to “I Have A New Hero

  1. snowelf

    Hey ya Cooper,

    I had to ditch my myspace due to a guy who I could no longer stomach on there. But no worries I am still in blogger world! I don’t want to make empty promises, but right now I want to be here for always and forever, where my true friends are.

    ROFL about the DCNN!!
    And I HATE watching interviewers who interrupt their guests! You already have a whole show named after you, give someone else a turn!

    I know you are struggling right now, but keep the faith…it’s worth it in the long run.


  2. lime

    wow, i come over here to thank you for the visit and kind comment at my place and i find myself on your sidebar already….monty python and stories of puking up a snorkel and an acquaintance with snowelf must REALLY rank in your universe. you’re alright!

    oh and this review certainly grabbed my attention. could ya maybe let me know when the dude is on the tv? he does indeed sound like he might be worth listening to. i can’t even begin to tell ya how much i hate the o’reilly/coulter method of interogation….

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