I’m Lost

I try not to be too terribly political here but I really need someone to explain things to me. I mean I think of myself as a reasonably intelligent man. I’m not Albert Einstein but I can read most books without moving my lips so I think I’m doing just fine.

But this just baffles me…..

From what I can see George W. has cost the U.S. over 3,500 lives, has us involved in a war of dubious reason (at best), wants to grant amnesty to thousand and thousands of people here illegally and now plays supreme dictator ignoring the rule of law for a crony.

And they tried to impeach Clinton for a blow job??????

What I want to know is what deep insidious secret does Scooter-pie have over W and Dick(head) Cheney to make Uncle George grant clemency? Must really be something in order for Bush to welcome this sort of flak. Even DCNN was ambivalently neutral in it’s analysis yesterday (DCNN – as those familiar with my ranting know – is the Dick Cheney News Network – it goes by the letters FOX at your local cable company). I just wonder how these doofs look themselves in the mirror every morning.

And another thing…Laura Bush impresses me as a reasonably intelligent woman….if I were her I’d have the divorce papers in the safety deposit box just waiting for January 2009….

Can’t say the same thing for Cheney…but his grand kids should be getting to age where Grandpa will take them into the woods on a little hunting trip…..Just remember Dick…the apples don’t fall far….better wear a Kevlar face mask….any fetish shop could supply you with one…



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2 responses to “I’m Lost

  1. lime

    ack…..you said it. and i just read where 1000s of LEGAL immigrants who jumped thru all manner of hoops will not get their chance at green cards now because INS decided they have given out enough….meanwhile the illegals….it ain’t right i tell you….just ain;t right

  2. Cooper

    lime – our next door neighbor going through that now…have been working at citizenship for months..and essentially everything they’ve done has been scrapped and now it comes down to when their lawyer turned in the paperwork…there are over 100,000 people vying for 40,000 citizenships…go figure..

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