Denis Leary did what???

I know I’m going to come off sounding like giggling saddle-shoe wearing groupie, so bear with me a few minutes. I was watching Glenn Beck tonight and it was a re-run, an hour long interview with comic Denis Leary (No Cure for Cancer, etc), of whom I have always been a fan.
First of all, it was one (if not the) best interview I’ve ever seen…anywhere…by anybody.
Second, Leary is spearheading a cause about which I had no clue. It’s the Denis Leary Firefighters Foundation and some of the things they’ve accomplished are absolutely mind blowing – go check out the site – and if you are of the mind, donate. Won’t kill ya.
For example, during Katrina, the New Orleans Fire Department had NO rescue boats. The firefighters used their personal rigs. Leary’s organization came up with the cash to provide 16 flat bottom rescue boats for the NOFD. So where is all that disaster recovery money from the feds? Good question.
Here’s one answer. Of all the funds distributed by the feds for Homeland Security preparedness, Alabama and Mississippi got more money than New York City. I don’t know about you, but if I’m a terrorist I don’t see much strategic value in wiping out Mobile or Jackson. Doesn’t it make sense to equip the first response teams in the cities most likely to be hit again, I’m guessing NYC and Washington DC since they were already hit, with the best possible equipment and training? Common Sense..something every politician on the planet seems to lack. There I go bringing politics into it again…


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5 responses to “Denis Leary did what???

  1. lime

    thanks for drawing attention to this. i had first heard about dennis leary’s organization after 9/11.

    you don’t really want me to start on the federal govt and its response to katrina or even 9/11 do you????

  2. Cooper

    lime – oh absolutely!!! this be the place for vitriol of all shapes and sizes!!!!

  3. Flash

    I’ve loved Denis Leary ever since the No Cure for Cancer Tour. He always seems to hit the “everyday guy” tone that most can relate to. Plus he’s a huge hockey fan.

  4. snowelf

    Where I live got some “fighting terror action money” too.
    They decided to buy a hummer.
    My econ teacher made us cry with laughter when he said “I guess if we ever get blown up, we’ll just all get in and drive around in it to look at the damage…”

    I love Dennis Leary.


  5. KFarmer

    I love Dennis Leary too- How could you not? Good post 🙂

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