Mental Musings

I promise…no politics this time.

This is my new car…..

Well, sorta my new car. I haven’t bought it yet. But I ask you, how can I NOT have a car that is called “Cooper”, and a convertible to boot? You know what I found out, amazingly…the Mini Cooper convertible is the ONLY front wheel drive convertible in this price range (OK, I’m not talking frigging Lamborghini or some other vehicle that’s worth more than my house). I’m not a raving car person. Actually I could care less. But I do want a convertible before I pass to the great beyond. The next vehicle after that will most likely have two big rubber bicycle wheels on either side, a built in drool bucket and the only racing will be with other shut ins at the nursing home as we dash at the speed of mud to the dining hall for our daily banana and fiber gruel.

Speaking of sex, there is a cool website for 1950’s b-movie trailers. Sort of. It’s put together by Joe Dante, John Landis and others and even though the ultimate goal is to hawk some of there bad movies on DVD along with other memorabilia, some of the trailers are pretty cool. The site is called Trailers From Hell. It only has a handful running now. I recommend turning the commentary off and just enjoying the trailers as listening to Landis, Dante, blather on about their childhood memories while trying to dig on the original House On Haunted Hill trailer gets a bit annoying.



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4 responses to “Mental Musings

  1. Snow White

    Speaking of sex… interesting post! I’ve always wanted a convertible… so far I’ve settled for sun roofs. Maybe next time…

  2. snowelf

    My cute friend jeff has one and he LOVES it. We spent our time in StLouis making fun of the GIANT dashboard. It’s an awesome little car, though!!

    I’m not a big fan of director commentary, either. I guess it has a purpose, but it gets old fast.


  3. lime

    dude, it’s a cute car and i get the name significance and all….but…um….i hate to say this….the mini cooper is a ‘girl’ car. but hey if it makes you happy, i say go for it.

    director commentary makes me feel like i am in the movies with some schmuck yapping on a cellphone behind me. hahahah

  4. KFarmer

    I love cars- and always have. I know a couple just down the street who bought two; one for each of them and they love them 🙂

    Them little beauties will fly … or so I’ve heard. Never had the pleasure of getting behind the wheel (: yet 🙂

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