My First Tag (I’m so proud)

My buddy Marci B tagged me with the Wikipedia Game….To play, look up your birthday at the Wikipedia site and write down five events that happened that day in history, two births (besides your own) and one holiday. Then tag five more people….

November 6….
1860U.S. presidential election: Abraham Lincoln is elected as the 16th President of the United States, the first Republican to hold that office.

1869 – In New Brunswick, New Jersey, Rutgers University defeats Princeton University, 6-4, in the first official intercollegiate American football game.

1935 – Before the New York section of the Institute of Radio Engineers, Edwin Armstrong presents his paper “A Method of Reducing Disturbances in Radio Signaling by a System of Frequency Modulation,” i.e. FM radio.

1947Meet The Press makes its television debut (the show went to a weekly schedule on September 12, 1948).

1975 – The Sex Pistols play their first concert at St. Martin’s School of Art in London.

1946Sally Field, American actress
1948Glenn Frey, American singer (Eagles)

Catholic Saints – November 6 is the feast day of the following Catholic Saints:
St. Atticus
St. Barlaam
St. Christine of Stommeln
St. Demetrian
St. Edwen
St. Efflam
St. Emil
St. Felix of Fondi
St. Felix of Thynissa
St. Illtud
St. Joseph Khang
St. Leonard of Noblac
St. Leonard of Reresby
St. Leonianus
St. Winnoc

House of Lime
Snow Elf
Snow Wonders
Luna Tick Chick



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4 responses to “My First Tag (I’m so proud)

  1. Snow White

    LOL Okay, I’ll play with you!

  2. snowelf

    Nah nah nah–crap! You got me, Coops!

    Of course, you know I’ll play! 🙂


  3. lime

    oy, i was afraid of being tagged….lol, ok…i figure on monday or so….

    sally field made me want to be a nun when i was a kid…even though my dad is an atheist and my mom is a unitarian.

  4. Marci B.

    Very cool! Isn’t it fun to see what else has taken place on your birthday? Thanks for playing along 🙂 Talk to you again soon.

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