Irresponsible Legalities

I wanted to rant about this earlier in the week but I’ve been dumbfounded beyond expression. And as my friends will tell you, me keeping my trap shut is a rare occurrence..especially when emotionally torqued.

So, here we have Ms. Francine Dorf. Ms. Dorf has experienced some loss in her life as she had a sister who perished in the 9/11 attacks. Ms. Dorf, however, has chosen of her own free will to continue to live and work in NYC. Along comes July of ’07 and a steam pipe bursts in Manhattan, sending geysers of steam and debris into the streets. Pipes breaking in NYC (water mains, steam, etc) is a part of life in NYC, no different than panhandlers at Port Authority and pigeon shit on statues. Ms. Dorf with the aide and encouragement of her fine counsel Kenneth Mollins is now suing the city of New York and Consolidated Edison because…

Dorf suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and “a legacy of fear” from the
2001 attacks.

Simple solution here, people.
1) Ms. Dorf….I’m sorry about your sister. That was 6 years ago. Get some counselling and move out of the city.
2) Mr. Mollins…you are disbarred for gross stupidity and wasting the taxpayers time and money with an obviously frivolous lawsuit that amounts to little more than a roll of the dice to see what $$$$$$ can be extorted from the city.

And all my lawyers friends continue to wonder why people despise the legal profession.



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6 responses to “Irresponsible Legalities

  1. lime

    and how exaclty is he city of NY responsible here???? good gravy i don’t understand people….it’s liek that judge suing the korean drycleaner 10s of millions for a pair of pants. these people should be flogged for frivolous lawsuits….gah….

  2. Pauline

    You’d think she’d have more respect than to try to cash in this way!

  3. Anonymous

    …and this is a perfect example of one of the reasons I never went to law school…

    — FG

  4. Elizabeth McClung

    Yes but now Mr. Mollins has five times the potential clients coming by with “possible litigation” and I sure, like dumpster diving, you can find something worthwhile in there somewhere (but probably not this case – since the US government already gave out a berevement settlement 10 to 20 times more than they have ever given out even for things like running over civilians with tanks).

  5. KFarmer

    Just retiring from the legal field, I can relate. But just like any profession, they is good en’s and they is bad en’s… The whole time I worked, I found three honest attorney’s~ Yeah, three out of hundreds. Go figure.

  6. Flash

    Wow…and chances are she wasn’t even close to the burst steam pipe.

    Whats next? her toilet backs up and she sues again? How about Pigon poop on the sidewalk.

    Hey Mr. Dorf….Did you know you can pull the trigger on a shotgun with your toes? True! Give it a try!

    We need less of these douschbags in thios world

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