Can We Stop Outsourcing Now….Please??

Lead paint on toys. How long since we heard that? The 1960s? Another wonderful item in the growing list of China faux-pas. But will the US learn anything by it? Doubtful. And here is why…along with why the answer to my heading question will be a resounding “no”.
The reason: cost of goods and services. The never-ending spiral that will eventually knock this country into an economic disaster, the likes of which have not been seen since Germany’s post-WWI hyperinflation where the mark became so devalued against the dollar it had to be expressed in scientific notation. (More details here).
Between, labor costs, health costs, insurance costs, legal costs – American business are often forced to have their goods made overseas in order to maintain any sort of profit margin, never mind the smoke and mirror numbers predicted by Wall Street. But old axioms are the best – “you get what you pay for”. We are seeing it come back to haunt us. Toxic toothpaste, toxic toys…
In case you haven’t noticed (and I know you have) the cost of everything is getting out of hand, not just gas and housing. Maybe it’s me but food has been skyrocketing more lately. Every time it rains (or doesn’t rain) prices jump. For example; chocolate chips (not a necessity I grant you) 2.29 a year 2.99. That’s almost a 40% jump in 12 months. Dairy products are unreal…and that will get worse if the “ethanol” solution (a dumb one) keeps getting pushed.


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3 responses to “Can We Stop Outsourcing Now….Please??

  1. lime

    i’m sorry i was completely distracted by ‘a lazy day’ picture over there —-> (heavy sigh….)

    oh yes, china…toxic things..bad, very bad…

  2. snowelf

    We have those toys, too! The Dora the Explorer ones. I have to figure out what to do with them now, we’ve had them for years.

    Also, I was watching BBC news one morning and it seriously said “The government reports that except for food and gas, inflation is under control.”

    Well, fuck yea it is–cause what is the first things we buy–food and gas. Duh!!

    It’s just craziness. Milk should not be almost five dollars. I can’t afford milk that costs five dollars. An you’re right, the ethanol is a bad, bad answer as far as economics. Environmentally, good… economically, it’s going to be our downfall.
    Awesome post.


  3. KFarmer

    Oh, it’s gonna get worse… When we realize that we don’t even own the ground we walk and used to grow on~ now that’s where the fun is really going to begin. Good enlightening post.

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