Intellectual Sexiness Factor

Found this on DarkNeuro’s blog

My score on The Intellectual Sexiness Test:

Hot Tamale

(You have an intellectual sexiness factor of 71!)

You’re hot! You’ve read a lot. You’ve done a lot, and there’s a lot you’d like to try in the future. You’ve got a sharp, sexy mind, and few inhibitions to restrain you from exploring all the pleasure you can get. You have few hang-ups, and there’s not much you don’t know about sex. You’re open-minded and able to enjoy things that would make a lesser person squeamish.

You’re an exceptional treat as a lover, appreciated greatly by those who know the differnce. You were probably bored with a few of the people you’ve been with in your past, feeling like you had to drag them along with you in the sexual adventures you want to have, and probably dumping them for the same reason. It takes a lot to stimulate you; you realize it’s not just about bumping uglies. In the end there’s gotta be a lot more to it.

Still, there is always room for improvement. Before you can graduate into a true sexual genius, there are a few things you’ve got to learn, to explore, to think through, talk through, and fuck through. A good place to start is in taking a look at the few things you’re still a little hesitant to try. Break down you’re last few barriers and discover the outer sexual frontiers, and you’ll become a master.

Link: The Intellectual Sexiness Test
(OkCupid Free Online Dating)


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4 responses to “Intellectual Sexiness Factor

  1. lime

    well apparently i am a hot tamale too since i got a 75.

  2. KFarmer

    I tried to play but when I got tired of them telling me I did not exisit, I logged out. As I left they said “sorry you are leaving so soon, it’s a big scarey internet out there”. Kind of creeped me out~ I guess I’ll never know how sexy I am.. lol..

  3. Darkneuro

    WOOOHOOO!! Welcome to the club 🙂

  4. Elizabeth McClung

    Well, I got 79, but actually found signing up to get the results almost harder than the test – what disturbed me a LOT however was the end where they say: “Here are some people we think you’ll like:”
    – my number one match? A girl named “Corpsefetish” – oh yeah, I can tell that one is a sexual keeper.

    Next are 20 women that they say, “match you as closely as possible” – the percent ALL of them match me: 0% – wow, way to feel included. This is the matchmaking sex service from hell. I would comment more but Corpsefetish is here to pick me up on our date, for some reason she told me to bring a shovel.

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