The Journey So Far….

I realize I haven’t written about this precarious venture I’m undertaking since my last post some time ago. Just to recap (for those who know, skip to the next paragraph or endure the boring redundancy…the choice is in your capable hands) I overstayed my welcome in the world of IT and departed to fields anew. Jobless (in the traditional sense), I am endeavoring to complete a novel, which started as a NaNoWriMo winning in 2005.

Two things have taken me surprise;
1) I knew doing this was an isolating exercise, but I was surprised by the ferocity of the isolation. This is one of the reasons I cannot do this at home. Talk about feeling cooped up (no pun intended – well, maybe slightly). Thus I have found a spot in the Princeton Township Library. Actually many spots. This beautiful facility (see left) has three floors and many quiet rooms and wired tables at which to pound away on the very laptop upon I scribble these words. It’s quiet, yet populated, and in the center of town. So taking a break to walk among the populace of University co-eds, high school gatherings and the population in general is a quick and easy task.
To my surprise I found this online…this piece of artwork (whatever it’s supposed to be) is but an arms-length reach from the table where I sit most often. Here’s the link if for some reason you feel the need to know more about it.
2) What has caught me off guard the most is how emotionally draining this is. I find myself writing in a character voice as if in a deep trance. Without realizing the time spent, I pop out of it fully fried, especially if writing an intense passage. Yesterday I wrote a section where the protagonist has to react to hearing about the murder of a loved one. I was plum tuckered by the time I came out of that. Many of you know I am more of a late night type, but I was zonked by 9 PM last night. Now I know why so many authors are…well…fucked up. Crawling inside people and living their desires, pain and hopes gets grinding at times.
But the book moves on. I got about 160 pages into it and had to pull back and do some scene shuffling as I was letting the plot control the characters when it should be the other way around. It’s tedious (and sometimes boring when I’ve been living this for a couple years now) but it made me flesh out the characters more so the end result is true to who they are.
And the journey continues….


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5 responses to “The Journey So Far….

  1. Darkneuro

    It *is* exhausting! And you do. Not only do you sweat and think and worry in ‘character’ as you would in your own life, but you have to find the words to describe what you see in your head. Of course you’re tired. You’ve been playing Gods. They get tired too 😛

  2. snowelf

    Darknuero–I couldn’t have said it better myself!!

    I would go with “obsessed” over f-ed up. 😉


  3. lime

    interesting comment from darkneuro abotu playing god….that makes sense. and i would say…even he rested on the 7th day 😉

    that is some very strange art too.

  4. KFarmer

    Carry on my wayward son, they’ll be peace when you are done.. 😉

  5. Elizabeth McClung

    I enjoyed this post – I can definately relate. People think that authors have to get inside the heads of the ‘nice’ characters but getting inside the heads of the ‘nasty’ ones is needed too. That’s what made characters like Hannibal Lector so interesting (in the first two books).

    ummmm…drink more? It’s very traditional for writers.

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