Oh My God, The Sequel

I found this on The Pasty Quail‘s blog – please don’t confuse this rant as an attack on that amusing place in the blogsphere…

OK. I’ve got a number of problems with this….

The fact the FDA has not approved this doesn’t bother me. That whole organization is outmoded and 20 years behind the times thanx to mind-numbing governmental paper work and bureaucratic overkill.

1) That this exists at all and people WANT to use it makes my skin crawl.
2) It’s in the New York Times Fashion & Style section. Fashion & Style??????? How about the Science or Medical sections???? Since when did injecting chemicals with unknown long term consequences become Fashion?????
3) The never ending quest for shallowness and youth in America grows more appalling every single day. Image is God, substance is inconsequential. How very sad.

And ladies, don’t forget, if you don’t look 19 your whole life, you are scum!!!!!!!!
Guys, if you have a gut and don’t have hair – you are a total loser !!!!!!!!



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7 responses to “Oh My God, The Sequel

  1. KFarmer

    That is crazy…just plain out crazy. I’ve never heard of such. They can all kiss my 45 year old love handles 🙂

  2. lime

    egads. man i coudl rant on this sort of thing at length…instead i’ll just give an amen to kfarmers comment. sheesh

  3. snowelf

    I’d rather be beautiful inside than outside any day of my life, young or old. And anyone who cares that I have aged isn’t someone I could find very much to relate to about anyway. Taking care of yourself if one thing, chemically altering yourself is another…


  4. Cooper

    See…this is why I love my friends……

  5. Marci B.

    Ewwwwwwww. This sounds SO awful. Who the hell are these people???

    PS – Yes, Colin Hay was the lead singer of Men at Work. Now he has a wonderful solo career 🙂

  6. Chandira

    I wouldn’t mind an easy way of losing a few extra lbs, but a buttock implant?? Genital rejuvenation??
    What is that?? Jesus.

    (sorry, now you’re going to get some weird Google searches.)

  7. Chandira

    Oh, um, and snipers baiting people??? What the hell?? That is scarier even than buttock implants.

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