A National Disgrace That Will Only Get Worse

I first found out about this on a Bill Moyers telecast that was based on this article in The New York Times.
Anyone who has spent any time in a nursing home, for any reason, knows the feeling of walking through the halls and seeing the results of our demand from the science community that we live as long as possible. The overcrowding, men and women in advanced states of most degenerative diseases known to man cluttering the hallways. With the Baby Boomers growing older, it’s going to get worse.
And now, human misery has become a vehicle for corporate greed; private equity firms seeing a way to make an incredible bottom line by taking control of nursing homes, cutting staff, supplies and equipment to the bone at the expense of patient treatment and basic human dignity.

And if that weren’t enough, attorneys (they HAD to be past of this) have created such complex corporate structures for these private equity firms, there is no way to track down who the individuals are behind these firms. Consequently, we have corporate greed with no accountability. My take is to make the lawyers criminally and fiscally responsible for all of it. Maybe they’ll think twice about the human condition instead of their bank accounts. But I doubt it.



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3 responses to “A National Disgrace That Will Only Get Worse

  1. lime

    utterly horrifying

  2. Darkneuro

    Good thought, Coop, but you also have to take into consideration the ‘corporation as personhood’ status we’ve given big business. That ain’t goin’ away.

  3. snowelf

    My mom works in a nursing home and where she works is really nice, but I think it’s because we are so small town. It’s the big corporate crap that scares me.


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