Get Ready To Feel Old

This year’s nominations into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:
Beastie Boys
Donna Summer
Afrika Bambaataa
John Mellancamp
Dave Clark Five (ok I feel a little better)
Leonard Cohen (huh??????)
The Ventures (kewl)

Have we really run out of real rock and rollers?????? I just went and looked at all the artists that have been inducted. It’s a lot more complete than I thought it was….but I could think of a few more…
John McLaughlin
Carly Simon
Deep Purple
Alice Cooper
I’m sure there are others I’m not remembering…it’s that age thing..


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5 responses to “Get Ready To Feel Old

  1. Snow White

    Madonna???? Isn’t she still doing her thang??? Well, if Snowelf’s post today didn’t make me feel old enough, this is the icing on the cake. I think I’ll go take a swig of Geritol and hit the sack! It’s almost 8:30.

    (and not being able to type the word veri correctly the first time just made it worse!)

  2. Xmichra

    gotta say, i wasn’t aware that half on that list were rock and/or roll.

    But i do feel old. and that’s just bad.

  3. lime

    they are putting donna summer in before alice cooper?????????

    snow white, pass me the damn geritol…

  4. pocat

    CHIC is easily the most influential of all the nominees for the R&R Hall Of Fame. They influenced a whole generation of Punk artist: The Clash and Blondie being the most notable. Rock artists wanted a bit of CHIC’s sound so Queen, David Bowie, INXS and The Power Station all used it.

    For rappers CHIC has been the holy grail, arguably no other artist has been so sampled by Hip Hop artists. Todays Dance music and pop music still use the CHIC sound. Madonna got her breakthrough with it (the “Like A Virgin” album).

    And if we are talking their own productions we have Era defining hits like Good Times, Le Freak, I Want Your Love, Everybody Dance, We Are Family, Upside Down, I’m Coming Out, He’s The Greatest Dancer and Spacer. The last five having other artists on lead vocal, but being in all other ways very much a CHIC release.

    For those who still suffers from the anti-Disco germ; If you listen to a CHIC record there is much more Jazz, Samba, Rock, R&B and other stiles, on them than Disco cuts. And many CHIC songs are commentaries on society and history.

In short, CHIC meets all the criteria for getting in, and then some!

    Here are clips of some of CHIC’s more rock sounding songs. They are all written and performed by CHIC. Lead vocal may vary:


    For more info check out my site on CHIC:

  5. jillie

    Madonna? You have got to be JOKING!!!! Beastie Boys? Donna Summer?


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