Yes, You Can Have A Bigger Penis

Even with all the spam and junk email blockers in full force, every so often one of these stupid emails manages to sneak through promising me a pornstar dick, which of course is what every woman demands and deserves and needs in order to have any sort of viable relationship in today’s world.
Why is this such an overwhelming fascination with the eWorld? It’s comforting to know that so many people are deeply concerned with the size of my genitalia and the supposed dis-satisfaction the female gender sexual experience because not all of us we’re blessed with a Ron Jeremy light saber (although I have to admit I am gaining rapidly on the Ron Jeremy spare tire).
So let’s break this down:

Things To Be Obsessed About
Male Female
Hair Hair
Penis size Breast Size
Spare Tire Weight
  Unwrinkled Skin
  Knowing Every Kama Sutra Position

Well, you get my point. Don’t get me wrong. I like a good romp in the hay as much as anyone – but why does it have to be orgiastic perfection dependent on the axiom “bigger is better”? For me – enthusiasm is a million times more important than any physical traits, that and an emotional connection. (Sorry – I know guys are supposed to be able to hop from bed to bed without any feelings of shame or guilt – but not this guy).

So to all the eCommerce wanks who think they can make a killing promising me that i can be bigger than John Holmes…save it. He’s dead anyway.


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3 responses to “Yes, You Can Have A Bigger Penis

  1. jillie

    You know the sad thing is that some people will believe JUST about anything….with one little pill, I will be the sex goddess I was meant to be…yeah, right…lol!!!

  2. Cooper

    LOL..I guess so…otherwise these clowns would disappear quickly

  3. lime

    quite honestly i’d be a little afraid of a holmes-esque cock. if i need to have my cervix poked at uncomfortably i have a gynecologist, tyvm. the average male member wielded properly is quite satisfying.

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