I have never weighed in on this because, well, there is just too many other important things that occupy my time. But I think the time has come for my first…and last…rant on this subject.
Three things have to happen in order for Brittany Spears to straighten out.

1) Put the career, and especially the associated partying, on hold and concentrate on raising your kid. If you have the talent, taking a five to seven year hiatus won’t hurt. Get out of the limelight and be the best Mom you can.

2) The media has to drop their nauseating obsession with Spear’s parenting skills. No she’s not the perfect Mom…who is? With all the other trauma and tragedy going on the world that needs attention, Brittany gets top billing? Please…

3) YOU…yes you out there have to stop buying and watching all the BS crap in magazines and TV. The media has no conscience, morals or soul. They dish out what WE ASK FOR. Stop buying People, Star and all the other crap tabloids that are nothing but made up information. Stop watching complete crap like Inside Edition, Hollywood Access or whatever the hell it’s called. It’s all a bunch of crap. But as long as it has RATINGS – which means you and I are munching our KFC in front of the tube every night – it will continue. The choice is UP TO YOU.

I close with the classic speech from Network, that still sums it all up some 30 years later.



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5 responses to “BS

  1. lime

    amen, i am tired of hearing about it.

    oh and as for this brownie bakeoff….how shall we proceed?

  2. jillie

    I can tell you for one, I don’t watch any of the entertainment crap on tv. That alone nauseates me…I really don’t give a rats ass about them OR their messed up lives. I agree that IF Brittney cared about her kids at all, she would leave the lime light and straighten herself out. It’s not like she can’t afford it…

    Did I hear someone mention brownies??

  3. Baba Doodlius

    I think everybody should just read blogs all the time for their entertainment instead of watching all that TV. You can’t leave comments on TV shows – what fun is that?

  4. Cooper

    Lime: I think we need a panel of judges – it sounds like we have Snowelf and Jillie lined up. I think we need an odd number of judges (not odd judges but a odd number) I guess a requirement is that they fork over addresses so we can mail them samples. OR we could throw a massive bloggers party and do it that way….

    Jillie: I don’t either – can’t stand them. Lime has thrown the gauntlet at my feet and chanlleged me to a brownie bake off – I assume you would not mind being an impartial judge??

    Baba: I throw comments at the TV all the time – but my neighbors keep calling the police.

  5. Azzitizz

    Excellent video, I wholeheartedly agree with all that was said.
    It’s all a load of s**t.

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