Sad Pages From History

These were taken from a 1977 J.C. Penny’s catalog…I guess dorks were in style then. I was in college at the time wearing jeans every day…I swear….



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9 responses to “Sad Pages From History

  1. jillie

    YEESH! I remember some of those gawd awful styles. And those hair do’s…whew!

    As bad as they looked back then while I was in high school, I still don’t think it compares to the 80’s. Now there were some REALLY messed up fashion years…haha

  2. lime

    i am having bad flashbacks….make it stoooooop!

  3. Marci B.

    Where can I get me some of them there men’s and women’s matching shirts? YEEHAW!!!


  4. Darkneuro

    um, i like the barrel chairs in the top right. Just the chairs, not the table, and I’d only like 1, for a corner I have.

  5. Mike M

    ONG, I actually wore this stuff!!!

  6. Chandira

    Nice orange jump suit. He’ll be somebody’s bitch before long dressed like that!! Awesome.

  7. Cooper

    Chandira: Yeah I thought of that – how 70’s fashion became standard prison issue…

  8. Chandira

    Exactly.. lol

  9. butterfly girl

    I laughed so hard at the guy in the orange jumpsuit! OMG, that was funny! And the guy in the striped PJ’s? A hoot!

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