Head colds. I hate them. First one I’ve had since ’05. I’ve been keeping this one at bay for about a week but it finally won the battle. Blah. So forgive me up front if I’m a tad cranky (so what else is new, I know).
Oh, here’s a picture I took last Friday out of my hotel patio door…the beautiful Sheraton Reading (yes, Mrs. Lime, THAT Sheraton Reading). Notice the green leaves?? Very unusual for central PA that late in the season. Although they are probably on the ground now as we had a cold snap this week. I say this every year…what the hell am I doing in NJ? I hate the cold weather. I should live in North Carolina at the very least, if not Buenos Aries.

One project I am undertaking…one that will probably take me the rest of my natural born life, is transferring my old vinyl (that’s “records” to you younger viewers – ask your parents about them) to digital. While it takes forever because I’m totally anal about processing the files to reduces as much hissing and popping as possible, the plus side is I’m listening to a lot of older stuff I haven’t heard in awhile, like the original Woodstock soundtrack, some early Robert Klein and Richard Pryor albums, early Aerosmith, Moody Blues and the like. Time consuming but fun. The thing I have not been able to figure out, though, is that once I create the digital files and play them, iTunes automatically reduces the volume level of the file for some reason. It’s annoying. If there are any iTunes guru’s out there that know why this happens and more importantly if it can be prevented, let me know.

As for 55 this week (and it will probably be weak)….

He gently slips the blade under her bra…
Suddenly snapping his wrist. She gasps….
The garment falls away down her arms, full breasts exposed.
He pulls her to him, kissing her hard and deep. She purrs…
He releases her. The six people circle closely around her…
Three men, three women, clad in black, move closer..



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7 responses to “UUUUGGGGHHHHHHH & 55

  1. Flash

    (On our 55)

    hot and satanic! awesome.

    On your Converting your records, use a program called Audio Soap. It’ll help clean up those pops and hisses. Or roxio makes a program they package with toast, but I forgot the name, but it was made just for that purpose.

    My 55 is up!

  2. Cooper

    Flash: Thanx. Filtering it all through Cool Edit Pro. I started using SpinItAgain but the filtering was too broad.

  3. Snow White

    Ooh! I’m feelin’ a bit tingly here! Can’t wait for next Friday!

  4. lime

    what were you doing in reading?? and yes, green this time of year is very unusual.

    i want to come listen to your records!!!

    as for the head cold..OJ and hot salsa, that’s what i always eat and drink by the gallon. feel better soon.

  5. Marci B.

    Bleh – hope you feel better 🙂

    BTW – I love that you want to award the Wonderful Women of the Web award to those three blogs you mentioned. Feel free to copy the image and award it to them! I love that idea.

  6. Darkneuro

    On the pull-over, can’t help you. On th playback, there’s an option in playback for ‘sound enhancer’ and ‘Sound check’. You’re probably dealing with Sound check, which auto adjusts the song playback. I’ve turned all that off.
    I do envy you your vinyl collection. Mine is in NM in my little sister’s garage. SIGH. Of course, having a functioning player would make all the difference.

  7. snowelf

    Weak? I think not, dear Coops. 🙂

    Sadly I have no records.


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