Some Things Just Amaze Me…

Take a look at this. I was in Annapolis (which I love) over the weekend and was lucky enough to spend some time at the Annapolis Yacht Club. The following was docked there. And yes, that is a person at the end of that arrow. What kind of party would you throw on this ship????


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10 responses to “Some Things Just Amaze Me…

  1. lime

    i can’t even imagine…

    how about a bloggers meet up?

  2. Cooper

    How awesome would that be????

  3. Darkneuro

    Nice boat.

    yes, i know it’s not a boat it’s a ship but they got that $$ and i don’t so it’s a boat. 😛

  4. Cooper

    LMAO – I agree…that goes for me too

  5. Snow White

    Nice boat… but what about your 55???

  6. Marci B.

    As long as there is a DJ, karaoke, and pina coladas, I would be PEACHY KEEN!!! 🙂 That yacht is incredible…

  7. Cooper

    SW: I’m debating what to do with the 55….still haven’t decided…

    Marci: sounds good to me

  8. odd facts


  9. snowelf

    Wouldn’t that be the perfect place for my big blogger b-day party? 😉


  10. Elizabeth McClung

    See this is where our minds differ – you see giant boat and think “What a great place for a party” and I think “What are three ways to sink it and get away with it?” Hmmmmm, I guess this means you either like boats, or parties?

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