The Selling (out) Continues…

Among the tasks of your over burdened schedule, you way want to squeeze in some time to drop an email to your state senator and local representative to say ‘Thanks’.
Give them a pat-on-the-back-job-well-done for their continued efforts and for their relentless push forward into oblivion as they continue to give corporate America full control of what happens to us all.
Let’s look at today’s award-winning accomplishments:

The US Senate passes the Peru Free Trade Agreement, another in a series of Bush sponsored NAFTA-style agreements that includes the following special features:

  • The Peru FTA contains a NAFTA-style foreign investor chapter that allows corporations to bring actions against governments that pass environmental and public health laws that might reduce corporate profits.
  • Provisions promoting the privatization and deregulation of essential services such as water, health care and education are written into this trade agreement. Price rises, which always accompany privatizations, will make these services even less accessible to women and the poor.
  • Opens the way for large pharmaceutical and agribusiness corporations to patent traditional knowledge, seeds, and life forms. This opens the door to bio-piracy of the Andean-Amazon region.

Not to mention reducing tariffs on Peruvian imports and Lord knows we need even more products imported into this country. The track record has been just stellar recently, you know? I mean, look at all the great stuff we get from China….


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