Glad & Sad

First the sad…and maybe I’m just the last to hear about this…
Dan Fogelberg Passed Away yesterday after a bout with prostate cancer. In the 70’s and 80’s Fogelberg was at the top of his game with a slew of radio hits and several outstanding albums, my favorite of which is still 1977’s Nether Lands…Aside from being a great album it’s the group of songs upon which I learned to play guitar. He created twenty albums in his lifetime, the last coming out in 2003. He had a significant impact on music and will be missed. Playing Same Old Lang Syne will have a different meaning this year….

And for the glad…this is fun…enjoy


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6 responses to “Glad & Sad

  1. lime

    i was really sad to hear about dan fogelberg. #1 he was far too young. #2 his song ‘leader of the band’ came out right after my grandfather died. my grandfather had two different bands he had formed and i inherited his guitar. i can’t hear that song without getting a little misty.

    the vid is FANTASTIC.. definitely a fun one. thanks for sharing.

  2. Xmichra

    can’t say as i heard of the guy in the begining of the post. But i feel for you 🙂

    That video rocked!! I will definately be sharing that one!

    Incase i get slammed here.. merry christmas Coops 🙂 Hope you get soemthing yummy for x-mas 🙂 ((hugs))

  3. Cooper

    Lime: I traveled to Colorado for the first time in ’78. We went hiking in the mountains and it was his song Netherlands that was playing through my head. He was only 5 years older than me….WAY too young…

  4. KFarmer

    I had not heard the sad, sad news. I grew up listening to Dan 😦

    Prostrate cancer is SO CUREABLE if only MEN would go to the doctor once a year to have a PSA… Speaking of which~ had yours yet? Please do.

    On another note~ a very lovely one at that, the video was over the top! Thanks for the morning grins and chuckles 🙂

  5. Cooper

    KFarm: Have had one every year for the past 5 or 6…my DR is very big on checking everything I have a good friend who was diagnosed…early thankfully..and is doing quite well.

  6. jillie

    That video is too much fun! I had to save it and pass it along.

    Well, I can tell you that you were not the last to hear about Dan Fogelburg because I didn’t know about it until now. How sad! His song’s bring back a lot of memories and some good time! May he rest in peace…

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