2008 – Now What?

Happy New Year, first of all.
I saw an interesting headline in my email inbox – 2008; What are you going to do with it?
A fair question. I sometimes get so caught up in the “one day at a time” mantra that I forget about having goals – and for that matter, living life. That is why we are here isn’t it? Let us not confuse goals with Resolutions. Resolutions exist only to bum us out come January 15th or thereabouts.
Goals = Things I want to accomplish. I need to cap that word – ACCOMPLISH. It’s not one that’s been at the forefront of my lexicon for very long, although it has taken a tenuous spot up front in the last year or so. Those familiar with my rantings know that I’ve written about this before – growing up never having any goals – existing only to do the next thing I SHOULD be doing. It’s an odd feeling – giving myself permission to do the things I want.
Anyway, I digress. 2008. Just what am I going to do with it?
1) Finish the book.
2) Go back in the workforce in some capacity (and without much dignity as not working for the past six months has been glorious)
3) I have a pile of books waiting to be read. I’d like to make a dent in those.
4) Start writing a new book once the old one is finished. The question is which story do I run with – I have several from which to choose.
5) Figure out how to help others. I’ve had this nagging (well, nagging has a harsh connotation I don’t mean – ongoing may be better) thought of returning the the small baking business I started and somehow making the whole thing non-profit, building it up and giving to a couple charities that mean a lot to me.
(I know these are starting to sound like resolutions, just think long term goals)
That should keep me going for awhile.
Here’s an interesting anecdote I call Listening To The Voices And Being Shown The Way.
There has been a 25 inch TV sitting on out front porch for the past couple days. No, it does not have a matching car on blocks in the front yard. This was an old unit we didn’t need that was in perfect working order. It was sitting on the porch for yours truly to take to the dumpster. I walked out on New Years Eve day and the voice in my head said “Salvation Army”. I looked in the phone book, found the address of a Thrift Store, dumped the TV in the car and took off. Now, I sort of knew the general area where the store was located, give or take ten or fifteen miles. I tried not to let that bother me. I somehow knew I was being guided in the right direction. After driving for twenty minutes, I came to a stop light. On the left side of the road stood a Popeye’s Restaurant. So what I hear you say. Well, there are two significant things about that. One, I didn’t know there was Popeye’s in the area (I am a fried chicken junkie) and two, exiting out of the Popeye’s was a Salvation Army truck. There’s my ticket. I followed the truck, took me right to the store and there you have it…my good deed for the day. I wish I paid attention to those voices more often…


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4 responses to “2008 – Now What?

  1. Snow White

    Great post, Cooper! Hope 2008 brings you all you deserve… and more! xox

  2. lime

    good goals. i guess my first goal should be to set some goals, huh?

  3. Xmichra

    I am attempting the goals since i have not in some time. I should have goals. Goals are good. right??? lol…

  4. butterfly girl

    A man after my own heart. You don’t need to know exactly where something is, if your supposed to end up there you will. I find places in that fashion all the time! *L*

    May I suggest Freecycle.org? I get rid of stuff this way all the time and I know who it goes to sort of. Enough to know that it was needed. I hate throwing stuff away! And it feels good to give it away.

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