Misc. Banter

Today marks the 51st anniversary of the passing of Mr. Bogart…
Here’s looking at you, kid….
Can we stop supporting China now? Please? It’s bad enough we’ve got crappy dangerous imports flooding to the shore of the U.S. – toxic toothpaste, lead painted toys – but as I come to find out (way way late in the game) that China is the single largest supporter (including armament sales and squashing UN peace efforts) of the Sudanese government. The same government that has been arming bandits and thieve and giving them full let to commit the genocide taking place in Dafur and Chad. And I love the Sudanese officials who constantly say that the media has blown the Dafur situation way out of proportion.
Meanwhile GW is paying a friendly family visit to the Saudis. The same Saudis the Bush family has had in their pockets for generations and upon whom the Bush family makes billions, yes BILLIONS, in oil profits. And there’s ol’ George posing for a media op with a falcon on his arm and chewing a wad of gum like some goober with a ’57 Chevy on blocks in the front yard.
And one last spew – how awful will it be if the history books, in their presentation of this country’s Presidents show the following lineage:
Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Clinton-Bush-Bush-Clinton. Thousands of years from now, whomever discovers the remnants of this civilization will scratch their noggin’s in wonder…


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3 responses to “Misc. Banter

  1. lime

    i just read an article today saying GWB is less popular among the saudi public than osama bin laden or the president of iran. nice huh?

    and though i have not settled on a candidate i can tell you there is no way on god’s green earth i would consider voting for hillary…not for all the tea in china….poisoned or otherwise.

  2. baxtrice

    Not to be nit-picky, Bush Sr only had one term. Reagan got two. *smiles sweetly*

  3. Chandira

    That was a great rant. Yes.

    I don’t mind Hillary at all, apart from that. She’s OK by me, and infintely better than the scum in the Whitehouse right now.
    I’m an Obama girl personally though. I like his wife, too, she’d make a great 1st Lady. Mind you, so would Bill Clinton. 😉

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