Trend Setting

In taking a gander back at my blog posts and the comments attached thereto, I have noticed a trend. When I get on my soapbox and rant on politically or comment at length on the world, I get significantly less response than sharing personal experiences, photos or faux pas. I guess I should take the hint, huh? Why one of these days I may move into double digit comment amounts!!! Not that I am not grateful to the four or five of you that pay regular visits. Nor am I non-humble about the occasional visitor. It’s all good. It just seems there is less interest in reading my waxing political bombasts than in glimpses into the personal adventures. And maybe that’s as it should be. It’s not like we all get bombarded with intemperate tirades on a daily basis from the media; a place to escape is more than called for.
So, henceforth, I shall endeavor to keep my whining and wailing to a minimum, choosing instead to present you with life’s little foibles as I experience them.
Let’s go right for the throat on this one, so to speak. It has been noted that my face rarely, if ever, appears in this space. Very well. Of what I have scanned in, let’s get into Peabody’s Way Back machine and do some visits to the past…

Circa 1973. Please note the snazzy bellbottoms (or were they ‘flares’?). I wish I still had my college ID picture, which was snapped at least 9 months after this..and no there was not a haircut in that time period. Groovy, huh?
Let’s skip forward 5 years to the all-American look. My how things change. This is me, my BIL and my sis taken on their farm in High Point, NC during their annual….um…blow-out, which tended to last all weekend and involved several visits from the local constabulary. Yes, we were trashed. But happy.
More to come once I do some more scanning.


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6 responses to “Trend Setting

  1. lime

    you need to post whatever you want to post. this is your space. i didn’t get a chance to look at the vid you posted. hence my lack of comment.

    of course, trips in mr peabody’s way back machine are ALWAYS fun, especially if there is some great story to go with the visuals. 🙂

    groovy man, very groovy.

  2. KFarmer

    Love your red hair! Ah the 70’s~ what a great time. I sure had my fair share of the fun 🙂 More time machine! Encore! Bravo!

    (: btw, I rarely talk politics or religion. It gets me all stirred up. I am a 70’s child after all and prefer peace and love 🙂

  3. butterfly girl

    I think the hair doo is back. It never really left just went through a perm stage in the eighties and nineties. You look like you could have fit right in with today’s crowd!

    I’ve never partied all weekend. Guess I should put that on the to-do list? *L*

  4. Cooper

    Lime: Ur right. What can I say…Mr. Codependant strikes again.

    KFarm: The 70’s were great…don’t care what anyone sez.

    B-girl: The doo may be back but there is much less on my noggin these days…don’t think I could pull off a repeat..nor party all weekend…those days are long gone.

  5. Anonymous

    While you know I love the Way Back Machine, I have to agree with Lime – write what you want to write. Your commentary and rants are as much a part of you as anything else. Make yourself happy for a change, k?

    — FG

  6. Chandira

    Awesome photos!

    Yes, I noticed that too, when I posted a while back something about boobs, I got about 20 comments. When I write about something like compassion, or peace, a big fat zero.
    Such is human nature.

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