Truth & The A-Holes That Code Malware

I created a post earlier today but couldn’t get anything to Blogger. See, last night I got infected, well I didn’t get infected my PC did, with a particularly nasty piece of malware. The kind McAfee and Spyware Doctor can’t fix. The kind that puts constantly running executable files on my hard drive that can’t be deleted, even in safe mode, because there is some deep registry setting that re-creates the executable every time the machine boots up. The type of malware that pops a message up every thirty seconds trying to trick the user in to buying some shitty product.
Thankfully there are enough, honest, smart coders out there that someone came up with a short program to fix this particular situation. Unfortunately, the fix has cleaned out everything except some unknown something somewhere that makes Google think I’m sending it a virus when I’m going through a third-party firewall. In english, that means I can’t use Blogger at the Library but it works fine at home. I’ve been seriously toying with dumping blogger and going to wordpress anyway, just to get completely out from the Google thumb. If I ever meet the fuckers that code shit like this malware, I’ll rip their dammed faces off. Think you’re cute and funny? You’re not. You’re slimy worthless fucked up monkey ball sucking, horse smegma chewing elephant shit assholes who should have white hot steel rods shoved up your ass while hydrochloric acid drips on your eyes. Bastards.

Ahh…now I feel better. Anyway..this was the post I had originally started…

For those of you for whom Jeffrey Gitomer is not a household name, he is the Sales Guru of the 21st century. What Tom Peters was to management Gitomer is to Sales. He’s taken his extraordinary gift of salesmanship and turned it into a nationwide (multi??) million dollar home grown business. I attended one of his seminars a couple years ago and if nothing else he is inspiring and motivational. And funny. I subscribe to his weekly newsletter just for the kick in the ass I get from it.
His article in this week’s newsletter is on the money. Just wanted to share.

The Truth



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4 responses to “Truth & The A-Holes That Code Malware

  1. Xmichra

    well, as you know my big bad previous blog was a WP blog and i loved it. The only thing i don’t like is with the free one you have limited choices of templates. but you get that from blogger too. Still, the interface at Wp is much better (i think). I don’t know why i went to blogger after… i think i wanted something relaly dumbed down and off the radar sorta. Now i dont care… and have been playing with a Wp page as well.. lol!!

  2. KFarmer

    I still think Blogger is a Bugger with all the problems I have with it. But then again, to be honest~ ahem, it could be my old computer and worse yet, the user 🙂 Loved the article~

  3. snowelf



  4. lime

    gees, that sounds completely horrible! since getting the trojan a few months ago i am a little paranoid.

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