Addiction and Hope

Between the ranting and raving, the political character assassinations and the out and out wise-assery exhibited on this page, there is a cause to which I am totally dedicated; not only do I believe in it, it has touched my life personally in a hundred different ways and I am forever grateful.
I sit on the national alumni board for Caron Treatment Centers whose primary location is in Wernersville PA. One out of the thousand outstanding things that happen daily at Caron is watching kids get their lives back; teens that had lost all hope to alcohol and drugs reclaim their lives and return to a sober healthy existence. Below is a link to a news story video from a Maryland TV station that exemplifies the reasons I an dedicated to Caron…the link takes you to the news page then you have to click the video link from there…

Sober Teen



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3 responses to “Addiction and Hope

  1. lime

    and that is an excellent thing to be dedicated to. thank you.

  2. CatScratch Diva

    That’s awesome! I work as a volunteer with teens dealing with pregnancy.

  3. Chandira

    That’s an awesome thing to be involved in!! Wow.

    I think that earns you a lot of karma-points..

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