What’s Really Going On…

Here is a link to a segment of Bill Moyer’s Journal aired last night on the current status of the struggle in Afghanistan. Now before you get your PBS-Liberal rubber stamp out, let me say that this is an interview with an American woman, Sarah Chayes, who has lived and worked there for the past seven years. Not worked in the media, but went there as a private citizen to start her own business and help rebuild the country. Forget the Bush-Rice spin…here’s what is really going on. The clip is about 20 minutes long…

Bill Moyer’s Journal



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2 responses to “What’s Really Going On…

  1. Snowelf

    I am totally digging the nicknames!!
    And I do very much like the art! 🙂


  2. i love the new header (very posh ;0 ) )
    I do not have photo shop… i think it is more because i know that i would become an addict and play with it constantly. So i don’t buy it. hehe. Maybe one day it will be on the docket…

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