Where do i start ???

There is a boatload I’ve been wanting to write about for the past couple days…oh, where oh where to begin…

Let’s start with a couple musical obits that nearly slipped my eye. Unlike most folks my second favorite British Invasion band in the 60’s after The Beatles was not the Stones, it was The Dave Clark Five. They had a rough, noisy sound that got to me. Recently one of the key members of that sound, keyboardist and lead vocalist Mike Smith passed away, just ten days before the DC5 was to be inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame. I know many people thought he was “Dave Clark” (Clark played the drums), but Smitty was at the forefront of great songs like Glad All Over, Because and Bits and Pieces.

Number two, the ferocious and always hip George “Buddy” Miles. Miles had one colossal hit “Them Changes” and was part of the infamous Band of Gypsys with Billy Cox and Jimi Hendrix. Miles was not a flashy speed demon on the drums but few attacked the kit with such force and energy.

Next on the agenda…my foray into the world of electronics repair, or stumbling in the dark without a friggin’ clue. Here is what a laptop looks like, disassembled…

To answer your first question, yes I was able to get the whole thing back together….with only four screws left over…and nothing is falling apart or rattling. Probably didn’t need those screws to begin with. To answer the second question, no, it’s not working. The schlub who fixed it last time put enough solder on the component I needed to replace to wire the original Woodstock Festival. I got about 60% there before I inadvertently tore a piece of trace off the board. That’s electronic geek-speak for “fucked up beyond all possible repair”. I knew it was a long shot going in but I figured what-the-hell. I consider it a success when I didn’t totally lose my patience and throw the whole mess out of the second story window.

Watched two movies this weekend. First time I’ve watched something new in awhile. Well, new for me, not necessarily new releases. The Bourne Ultimatum – not bad for what it was supposed to be – good action right from the start. What bugged me is that the Bourne Films have virtually nothing to do with Ludlum’s Bourne books, even though the credits read “based on the novel by…” Particularly with Ultimatum. Outside of having a character named “Jason Bourne” there is no similarity with the book. The other film was Michael Clayton. If you haven’t seen this yet, go see it. It’s outstanding. Grabbed me from word go and carried me all the way through. Great performances by the entire cast.

Oh, and one last thing, if you’re not part of the ever growing horde who listens to sweetafton23 on YouTube, you should. Screw American Idol, this is better.



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8 responses to “Where do i start ???

  1. Thanks for the movie recommendation. I saw the Michael Clayton DVD at the library yesterday. Now I’ll have to check it out.

  2. GANBO

    Coop – Do you really know how to put the laptop back together? Plus, why didn’t you call me to fix it instead of Mr. Solder? Great Blog!

  3. that girl is soooo dry. too funny. have you ever seen the flight of the conchords? she should be with those two guys.

  4. While I was listening to the girly, I scrolled down, caught up on your blog and noticed your message on the side bar that “Music washes, etc. I like it 🙂

    I’m almost afraid to ask… what happened to the computer? 🙂

  5. jwcooper3

    K: My old laptop has been on the fritz for awhile…now needs a new motherboard to the tune of 4 – 5 hundred dollars. Think I’ll stick with my backup unit for awhile…

  6. Snowelf

    Love how you gave a nod to these great musicians. 🙂

    Wow…a mobo for that thing is 400-500 dollars… eek!
    Wouldn’t it be nice to get that in your easter basket?!


  7. jwcooper3

    Snow: That would be nice…a new MacBook would be even better :>)

  8. heheh… i love sweetafton23, i like the mr fancey pants song.. heeh .

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