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The Muse of Music, called the “well pleasing” one. For the greeks, she also ruled over lyric poetry. Music is probably your primary creative talent, whether you play the cello or sing in a garage band. This muse suits you best for writing melodies, rhythms and lyrics. Personality Test Results
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5 responses to “Muse

  1. apparently i am thalia muse of comedy….i got that the second time i took it…first time it came up as clio muse of history

  2. Muse of Astronomy. Your muse is unique because she’s the only one to represent a science, not an art. To the greeks, the line between science and art/spirituality was more blurred. She was called “the celestial one”, and provides inspiration for those who see the most beauty in the harmony of nature. You probably have a logical temperment, and might enjoy devising your own experiments or designing puzzles and brainteasers. You may love to gaze at the stars in awe, but you understand their physical laws. If you like to solve problems and seek rational answers, Urania is your muse for inspiration.

    Great test here ;o) This is SO like me!!!!!!

  3. snowelf

    I’m posting mine on my blog. 🙂
    And of COURSE you’d get a musical one!!


  4. Muse of Epic & Heroic Poetry. Hmmm.

  5. Polyhymnia:

    The Muse of Sacred Song & Oratory. Her name means “singer of many hymns”. Spirituality is probably a dominant force in your life, whether it be a sense of awe for Nature or dedication to the divine. You may enjoy singing in your church choir, writing poems for wiccan rituals or even composing inspirational sermons or articles. Invoke Polyhymnia whenever your spirit needs a lift

    Who would have thought? Good one 🙂

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