PC Blues

Please excuse the extended silence.  The power cord on my BACKUP laptop decided it would much rather spend it’s days as a paperweight than a device through which electrical doo-dads flow.  Thus, I am now down two laptops (ggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) and have been granted limted use of the Mrs.’ device…as she fears I now have a cursed touch when it comes to computing boxes. 

A new cord has been shipped and I await same with bated breath…among other bated things…use your own judgement here…



Filed under technology

2 responses to “PC Blues

  1. it sucks when technology is interrupted.

  2. My sister has had three computers crash (and she’s in the field) including her laptop. She thinks it has something to do with the firewall? in our cable services and how easy it is for a meanie pants to send a virus or three… I know this has nothing to do with your cord but she told me to unplug my internet cord when I’m not using my pc. (Knocking on wood) I’ve had no trouble…

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