Top 5 on hell…Monday

From Mistress of The Dark

Top 5 Artists You Wish Would Record A New Album…and Why.

The Beatles – If they all were alive and could put all the ego differences aside and just make music…who knows what would have been the result?

Liquid Tension Experiment– IMO the best of the prog Portnoy offshoot bands.  Even tho they are touring this summer I would love to hear a new studio effort.

Galactic Cowboys– hard rockers from Texas that always seemed to on the cusp of breaking through. They had five or six CDs with a lot of great material.

Screaming Cheetah Wheelies– This could have been the biggest band ever.  Tight musicians with great songwriting chops.  Their fate was determined by the dreaded lead singer ego.  Just listening to their three main studio albums tells the story: singer Mike Ferris’s screaming (and oft times annoying) vocals went from being perfectly mixed in the first album to flat, dry and overbearing by the third. He left the band to make it on his own.  Big mistake. 

King Crimson– the original line-up – Fripp/McDonald/Giles/Lake  OR the Fripp/Whetton/Bruford line-up.  Never let it be said that Fripp rests on success..he is one artist that always pushed the envelope and made his way through musicians faster than Zsa Zsa Gabor through husbands.  But these two lines ups were my favorites.


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4 responses to “Top 5 on hell…Monday

  1. crimony, the only one of those i even know is the beatles. have i been living under a rock?

    i wish simon & garfunkel and the police would do another album. i bet s&g would have something germaine to today’s situation and back it up with a few decades worth of life exeprience. their harmonies were just so beautiful too. the police, well i just like em, always have.

  2. Bill

    Beatles? Unfortunately, I’m hearing “Taxman” over here…


  3. I guess it would not supprise you one little bit that I have the SCW first cd? It ROCKS! : )

  4. jwcooper3

    KFarm: It’s the best of the three without question!!!! That’s awesome…

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