Top 5 on Friday (actually on a Friday for a change)

Via Mistress of The Dark

The Top 5 Breakup Songs

You Oughta Know – Alanis Morrisette

Feeling Stronger Every Day – Chicago
slowly getting over you

And So It Goes – Billy Joel
I know you’re leaving and that’s the way it is

Cry Me A River – Julie London
one of the best torchers

I Miss You – Randy Newman
love lost


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6 responses to “Top 5 on Friday (actually on a Friday for a change)

  1. I have another obvious one–Sinead’s O’Connor’s This is the Last Day of our Engagement.

  2. jwcooper3

    oooooo…that’s a good one…

  3. i LOVE cry me a river.

    how about ‘love stinks.’

  4. jwcooper3

    Oh, yeah….another good one

  5. Just reading the words “Chicago” (I guess another one of my all time favorite bands) I heard an explosion of music in my head. I’m digging out one of my cd’s… 🙂

    As for your list, how about I Can’t Make You Love Me, by the beautiful Ms. Bonnie Raitt?

    Now I’m torn between two loves.. 😉

  6. Bill

    As Time Goes By – not written as a breakup song, but it certainly was to Rick in the movie

    I’m Not in Love by 10cc – this one came to me while doing the following weeks’ Top 5


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