Bonkers. Absoulte Barking Mad Lunacy.

I can’t even describe this without going into a long tirade of expletives…you have to go see for yourself…

This is a post on Dr. Robyn Silverman’s excellent Kiss My Assets: Body Image Resource blog. While you’re there, take a look at some of the other posts. Dr. Silverman has a great wealth of information either posted or linked there. This particular post..well…you’ll see…

My Beautiful Mommy



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4 responses to “Bonkers. Absoulte Barking Mad Lunacy.

  1. well, i think your title is likely the kindest possible description i could imagine for this sick way of thinking….good gravy. what is wrong with people????

  2. Hello JWCooper,

    Dr. Robyn here. Thanks for the post!

    The one thing that is helping me cope with the children’s book I discussed on Kiss My Assets is that it was published through a Vanity Press. However, the fact that Newsweek gave it so much attention is disturbing. Sadly, the creation of the book means that this doctor believes that (1) People need it, (2) People want it, (3) People will buy it, and (4) It holds useful, helpful information.

    I’m hoping that 1-3 are not true and well, there’s not much hope for number 4.

    Best regards,

    Dr. Robyn Silverman

  3. It’s amazing how we have to judge people by how they look. To think that Hollywierd thinks that if someone is 130 pounds, they are FAT. WTF?!?!?!?!?! According to their standards I must be morbidly obese. It sad to see how it is affecting young girls that are even in their teens that say they’re fat and wanting to diet. I could go on this subject for ever and ever.

  4. Bill

    This book is not the problem; it is just a symptom of the problem: society’s obsession on outward appearance and the acceptance of anything to improve it, whether by the use of cosmetics or plastic surgery as mainstreamed by programs like Nip/Tuck, Dr 90210 and stuff on TLC aka The Makeover Channel.

    Why is a little bit of extra body fat deemed so wonderful in one place, uh, OK, two places on a woman’s body, yet so repulsive almost anywhere else? It was not always that way and it will not revert any faster. We need to begin getting away from the thin is healthy mindset which provides the base justification for much this attitude. Some reports are beginning to say that a technically overweight person, with sufficient exercise and a balanced diet, may live just as long as someone who is considered normal.

    Many parents have a problem communicating honestly with their kids and that perhaps the real problem addressed by the book.


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