Tag 6

Chandira tagged me with this one…haven’t done this one in a while so I’ll give it a go..

6 Random Things About Me

1.  I was once…no, that’s not true…Hmmm…I’ll come back to this one

2. My large intestine can sing Ave Maria, but only during October when the temperature falls below 15 degrees Kelvin.

3. Bruce Springsteen and I do not share the same birthday, but his landscaper got drunk once and hurled in the bird bath on my parents front lawn.

4. If you play Connect-The-Dots with the freckles on my right shoulder, the correct sequence will produce an image of Al Franken strangling Ann Coulter.

5. My tongue vibrates as long as the batteries are charged.

6. My toes go numb when I say the word ‘antihistamine’.

Well there you go.  Have a bash at this one if you feel the urge.  And remember…



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5 responses to “Tag 6

  1. ROFLMAO!!! this was hilarious. best version of this i have seen in ages. AND i could kiss you for NOT tagging me with it.

    PS. what keeps your batteries charged best? just out of curiosity….

  2. Good one~ Nothing like a good morning laugh 🙂

  3. jwcooper3

    Lime: playing an album of Kate Smith singing God Bless America at 45 RPM while standing in a bucket of warm strawberry Jello. That seems to do the trick.

  4. Do you like having numb toes? You could earn an interesting living with that.. like walk on fire on your tippytoes in an oddities traveling show.

  5. ROFLMAO… I KNEW you’d come up with good answers. You’re good at these!

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