I know asking for 20 minutes of your time is a lot, but this is so worth it.  It’s wonderfully funny and so ‘on the mark’ that it’s frightening.  Anyone with kids of any age should take note here.  What I wouldn’t give to show this to every educator in the US…

Found on The Dainty Knife’s blog…



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4 responses to “Wow

  1. That was an amazing speech!! 20 minutes well spent for me!!

    Anyhow all the best 🙂

    Oh and ps. some of your sidebar widgets are cool, I shall add a few of them onto my blog 😉


  2. I’ll come back and watch tonight.. oh.. you won! Come on over and find out how to claim your prize!


  3. lol.. i loved his jokes, they were good 🙂

    Good point though, especially with the one example he used. I felt the same way with a friend of mine’s child. She has been diagnossed with ADHD and ODD (which this one i find hillarious, it stands for oppositional defiance disorder. Before this age, that was called “you need a lickin'”) but is 100% fine in dance class.

    So what’s wrong with her? she just doesn’t like math as far as i can tell.

  4. it’s really true. and when i look at how my son’s creativity has been squashed it infuriates me.

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