Top 5 On Friday

Whew. This is a tough one. So tough in fact that I’m going to alter it a bit. From Mistress of The Dark, the top 5 was the Top 5 albums in any consecutive 5 year span. I chose 1968 to 1972 as that’s when I really started to come into my own musically. After doing some research, however, there is no way possible I could pick just one album from each of those years. There is just to much musical wealth available.


I’m altering the top 5 to be the Best Consecutive Five Year Span of Music, and provide supporting information.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a an exhaustive list nor do I think it is the “All Time Best” – just the music that reached me during those years…

Here’s my list…


White Album – Beatles
Electric Ladyland – Hendrix
Beggar’s Banquet – Stones
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida – Iron Butterfly
Music From Big Pink – The Band
Spirit & The Family That Plays Together- Spirit
Journey to The Center of The Mind – Amboy Dukes
Children of The Future -Steve Miller Band


Abbey Road – Beatles
Led Zeppelin I & II
Tommy – The Who
In The Court of… – King Crimson
Stand – Sly & The Family Stone
Hot Rats – Zappa
Crosby, Stills & Nash
Volunteers – Jefferson Airplane
Chicago Transit Authority
Threshold of a Dream – Moody Blues
Ssssh – Ten Years After
The Turning Point – John Mayall

…and the list goes on…


Layla – Derek/Dominoes
Abraxas – Santana
Cosmo’s Factory – CCR
Led Zeppelin III
Sweet Baby James – James Taylor
John Barleycorn – Traffic
Tea For The Tillerman – Cat Stevens
Band of Gypsys – Hendrix
12 Dreams – Spirit
Emerson Lake & Palmer
..and on and on


Led Zeppelin IV
Whos’ Next – The Who
Sticky Fingers – Stones
What’s Going On – Marvin Gaye
Blue – Joni Mitchell
Tapestry – Carole King
Imagine – John Lennon
Fillmore East – Allman Bros
Every Picture Tells A Story – Rod Stewart
L.A. Woman – Doors
Aqualung – Jethro Tull
Fragile – Yes
Meddle – Pink Floyd



Ziggy Stardust – David Bowie
Harvest – Neil Young
Machine Head – Deep Purple
Close To The Edge – Yes
Foxtrot – Genesis
Return to Forever – Chick Corea
Birds of Fire – Mahavishnu Orch.
Thick As A Brick – Jethro Tull
Blue River – Eric Andersen
Trilogy – ELP
No Secrets – Carly Simon

Just in that short list…how amazing…



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6 responses to “Top 5 On Friday

  1. Bill

    You said it…this is a tough one.

    You made me think (and google) long and hard. My five years are 1975 to 1979, back in the days of the large format CDs we called LPs, because those are the years I bought the most albums. These were not necessarily the ones which sold the most copies or won the most awards, but the ones I played most often. And like you, I was not able to narrow it down to just one per year. The best I was able to do is think back to my favorite albums, then look up the year of release. I know I am missing some. The first one each year was the one I played the most, followed by the also rans. Some of these I still have in the CD changer today.


    Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd

    One of These Nights – The Eagles
    Face the Music – Electric Light Orchestra
    Fleetwood Mac – Fleetwood Mac
    Fool for the City – Foghat
    Venus and Mars – Paul McCartney and Wings
    A Night at the Opera – Queen
    Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen
    The Original Soundtrack – 10cc


    Frampton Comes Alive – Peter Frampton

    Boston – Boston
    Hotel California – The Eagles
    Dreamboat Annie – Heart
    Leftoverture – Kansas (sometimes found in the classical music section of the store, serious!)
    Fly Like an Eagle – Steve Miller Band
    Year of the Cat – Al Stewart


    Rumours – Fleetwood Mac

    I Robot – The Alan Parsons Project
    Slowhand – Eric Clapton
    Foreigner – Foreigner
    Little Queen – Heart
    Songs from the Wood – Jethro Tull
    The Stranger – Billy Joel
    Point of Know Return – Kansas
    Bat out of Hell – Meat Loaf
    Book of Dreams – Steve Miller Band
    Night Moves – Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
    The Grand Illusion – Styx


    The Cars – The Cars

    Parallel Lines – Blondie
    Don’t Look Back – Boston
    Dire Straits – Dire Straits
    Dog and Butterfly – Heart
    52nd Street – Billy Joel
    City to City – Gerry Rafferty
    Darkness on the Edge of Town – Bruce Springsteen
    Time Passages – Al Stewart
    Toto – Toto
    Van Halen – Van Halen
    War of the Worlds – Jeff Wayne
    Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack (not all disco sucked)


    The Wall – Pink Floyd

    Eat to the Beat – Blondie
    The Long Run – The Eagles
    Tusk – Fleetwood Mac
    Breakfast in America – Supertramp

    Hey Coop, here’s a possible future blog topic: backmasking – music which contains a message audible when played backwards. In 1975, The song Fire on High from the album Face the Music by the Electric Light Orchestra starts with “this music is reversible, but time is not. Turn back. Turn back! Turn Back!!” We “decoded” this one on a four-track reel-to-reel tape deck. It would be so easy today with a sound card and software…


  2. all i’m gonna say is how could you go wrong when you started with 1968 😉

  3. jwcooper3

    Bill – good collection of albums. I’m still working on decoding the White Album looking for clues to Paul’s death…
    ‘paul is dead now…miss him, miss him’

    lime – no question. I toyed with starting in 67…also a banner year.

  4. Bill

    I have many of your choices as well. I would have started my list with 1973 if The Wall was not the first album I listed which anchored me at 1979.

    1973 was another major sweet spot in my collection (1974 was rather sparse):

    The Beatles 1962-1966 – The Beatles (yes, I have the Apple version in vinyl)
    The Beatles 1967-1970 – The Beatles (yes, I have the Apple version in vinyl)
    The Captain and Me – The Doobie Brothers
    Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only the Piano Player – Elton John
    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Elton John
    Brain Salad Surgery – Emerson Lake and Palmer
    We’re an American Band – Grand Funk Railroad
    Band on the Run – Paul McCartney and Wings
    Tubular Bells – Mike Oldfield
    Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd

    Now that I have snuck in another year, I am hoping that some of your younger readers will post their list as I got out of collecting newly released albums with the advent of the CD due to both recollecting my vinyl in the new durable format and buying compilations instead of entire albums. It will be interesting to see every year covered.


  5. What a load of tunes and memories you conjured up there hoss~ It was a nice walk too 🙂

  6. Fantastic years of music. Nice that you included one of my favorite Core 7 Moody Blues albums too 🙂

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