Can You Spot A Fake Smile????

This is kewl.  Check out this blog post on Odd Facts blog and take the quiz if you’d like.  I got 13 out of 20 correct.

Can You Spot A Fake Smile?


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3 responses to “Can You Spot A Fake Smile????

  1. rock on! i got a 14. woot!

  2. I’m so stupid, it wasn’t until around the fifth smile I realized I could make the pictures move.. ahem. I got 11 right : )

  3. Bill

    I finally got around to taking the quiz. 10 out of 20, which confirms my long-held belief that I suck at distinguishing a genuine smile from a fake one.

    So when will FACS technology make it’s way into cell phones?

    Fake smiles? I got your fake smiles right here: 🙂 😛 :-O 😀 >:-) 0:-) 😉 B-)


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