Not There

It’s just one of those days. I’m just not there. I’m feeling old…and sad, trying to grasp a point to things. I need some of KFarmer‘s mojo. I can’t even pinpoint one specific thing…just a lot of little things that I’m giving too much credence. I had to drop not one but three prescriptions off at the local CVS which brings the grand total up to five not counting vitamins. It just brings me back to the endless amount of pill bottles both my Mom and MIL had at their bedsides in the last years of their lives. Do I really need all this pharmacological witches brew floating through my veins? Yeah I know. All the numbers that are supposed to be up are down and vice versa. That’s what I get, I guess, for not exercising and for thinking french fries are one of the essential food groups.

And yet, things are going well in my universe, I really can’t complain. Given the state many people are in I know I’m standing on the plus side of the ledger. Maybe my planets are out of whack…I have a moon in the house of Uranus or something (isn’t that redundant???) I think some of it is that “the book” is starting to frustrate me…I feel perpetually stuck on one aspect trying to make logical sense of all the events. I don’t know…maybe I’m just trying to over complicate the story. I feel like it has to be this brilliant whodunit that no one can figure out until the very end and if it’s anything less it just won’t be good enough (ahhhhh…there’s that phrase again). Why does it always come back to that???? Damn…

And on top of everything else, I’m canceling my trip to the Congo…Penis Snatchers



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10 responses to “Not There

  1. Bill

    We all feel down from time to time. I’m in a bit of a recession too.

    Get off Uranus and take a hike! Literally. Get out there and dose up on some of that fresh air and sunshine.

    Bill – who needs to be doing the same…

  2. Recessions aboud! I feel blah today after a delivery to a woman whose husband was dying. I think Bill has a good idea. I often walk to center myself and to feel better. New reader by the way. I hope I am not imposing. Enjoying the blog and hope to read more. Take care!!!

  3. snowelf

    Hey Coops,

    (((hugs))) I’ve been having the Blahs too. And I hate it because like you say, you almost feel like you have no “right” to feel mopey when you do cause so many things are going well, but I think that feeling like you have no right to have a pity party just adds to the stupid stress of it all.

    Hope you feel better soon,


  4. Bill

    I’d swear that line was not there when I visited earlier …

    Might this be protection against the penis snatchers?


  5. jwcooper3

    You’re not imagining things…I added it later on…
    ahhh…our public servants hard at work on the high priority issues of the day…

  6. What a great, great blog!

  7. hang in there…(because ya know if ya hang OUT there, the penis snatcher might get you)

    admit it, you smiled. and if you did, then i succeeded in my goal. hugs. 😉

  8. Bill

    Lime: good one!


  9. That Ms. Lime, she can make me think of blue skies on a cloudy day~ : )

    Things can get so complicated if we let them, and we usually do. Anything I can do to help you along your way, just whistle 🙂

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