Grow Your Own Victims

The law in New York State declares that if you are an adult human being and you sexually abuse a nine year old who lives down the street, that this is a class B felony. Felonies are graded by letter with A being the highest. Class B, I think, is a mandatory 15 year sentence. If this same adult human being were to sexually abuse a nine year old who was directly related to said adult, like their kids for example, this is not a class B felony. No it’s not A, C, or D. It’s a class E felony. With class E, the perpetrator is eligible for immediate probation. So the perpetrator gets to go home immediately to the victim.

UPDATE:  This used to be the case.  The loophole was closed thanx to the works of many many people.  Thanx to Riley for the link (see comments).

Wonder why the good senator from NY never picked up on that during her time in office???

Wonder why none of the candidates are addressing child protection laws at all?? – Andrew Vachss



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10 responses to “Grow Your Own Victims

  1. Bill

    I am saddened by that one. Maybe something to do with “family privacy” and the difficulty getting credible testimony against family members?

    Down here in Texas, we are starting to hear quite a bit about that polygamist compound outside of Eldorado where CPS took out a bunch of children, some who may be involved in underaged marriages. The initial telephone tip may have been bogus, but there is apparently some evidence of abuse. This may become a huge story before it is over. One of the girls just gave birth in a hospital in South Texas. You can bet they are going to find out who the father is…


  2. things that really make you say “wtf?????” either that or get real creative myself…..rusty grapefruit spoon to the gonads ought to do it.

  3. perp’s gonads that is….

  4. Allie

    Except that they don’t go home to their children, in that situation, even before the resolution of the criminal case (could be months or years) the children are IMMEDIATELY taken into emergency custody. The children don’t stay with either the perp or the gf/bf co defendant perp.

    Additionally, the good senator from NY did a lot of work with children and youth type services immediately following law school. But not in NY

    Finally, if these are state sentencing guidelines, a senator in the US senate wouldn’t have the ability to change them anymore than you would. There are FEDERAL sentencing guidelines, but what you outline are not the federal guidelines. So, if it offends you, by all means WRITE LETTERS to STATE senators, STATE legislators, and the judiciary.

    By knowing all the facts, you can prevent being owned like you just were.

  5. jwcooper3

    Allie: By spending your energy thumbing your nose at me and taking delight in denigrating what I’ve written, you miss the point. Yes, the children are put into emergency custody, but the point is the perp gets away with little or no consequences. They do not even have to register as a sexual offender and can go live in the home of the child-victim. A quick scan of any news source reveals that “emergency custody” doesn’t last forever and they are many cases where the children do return home.

    As for Hillary, why doesn’t she come forth NOW and talk about protective services for children (who really gives a rats ass what she did after law school)? I’ll tell you why – because there is no large block of votes to be had. There is no lobby pushing this issue for all the politicians. Whether republican or democrat – if there aren’t substantial voting numbers behind it, the issue gets ignored.

  6. Allie

    In the state that I live in, all perps are registered, but I believe it ranks fifth in the country for protecting children. You are right, emergency custody is only temporary (again 10 days in my state) but that goes on to placement and eventually involuntary termination.

    There are three people running for office, Hillary has done the most out of the three for children in bad situations. Instead of deriding Hillary because she hasn’t done everything that needs to be done, why don’t we celebrate her effects? Obama was busy after he finished law school working for the most prestigious firm in Chicago and teaching law to wealthy law students at U Chicago. Shouldn’t we be happy that we have a candidate who at least devoted a year of her life to helping women and children? Would that Obama had dedicated a day! Instead he went straight into lucrative work that would earn him a name.

  7. jwcooper3


    Don’t get me wrong…I’m not happy with ANY of them, McCain, Obama or Hillary. In fact the term ‘politician’ in general has come to mean, to me, someone whom 1) I cannot trust and 2) someone who will say anything to make sure he/she stays in office.

    I know the laws differ from state to state, which only adds to the dilemma.

    One of these days everyone in Washington is going to go out and have to get a real job. In fact I would heartily support legislation that requires all elected official spend 25% of their time devoted to community service. Some say politics is public service. Well, maybe it was at one time. I think I would be more impressed had Hillary (or any of them) picked some specific type of legal representation and made that their true goal. I know that’s rose colored on my part. But I can dream.

  8. Holy Moly – I had no idea. WHAT in the WORLD are those people thinking?!?!?

    Plus, no matter what any of the candidates have done, it is clearly not enough. There is ALWAYS more that can be done to protect the children.

    Oy vey.

  9. jwcooper3

    Riley: Thanx. I stand updated and corrected.

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