I took a Christmas cookie class at the Institute for Culinary Education a couple years ago so now I get their quarterly class schedule in the mail.  A new class showed up in the latest issue.  Knowing that no one who reads my drivel has any interest in chocolate whatsoever, I thought I’d pass it along anyway.  The class is entitled:

Inside New York Chocolate: A Factory Tour

Apparently it’s a tour of three different chocolatiers in Manhattan/Brooklyn.  Something about seeing how the stuff is made.  Oh, and also some sampling but I know that wouldn’t interest anyone.  And it’s even on a Saturday.



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5 responses to “Chocolate

  1. Bill

    Wish I could take that course.

    That is so not like “my father’s restaurant business”


  2. you…uh….you didn’t warn me that this post would be an erotica post. i think i need a moment to myself now….oh…..oh yeah….oooooo…..sigh……………

  3. Bill

    Nodding toward lime and doing my best imitation of the woman in the When Harry Met Sally diner, “I’ll have what she’s having…”


  4. Oh my…watching chocolate get mad and sampling?

    Oh dear…oh god…oh yum!

  5. Snowelf

    No, no chocolate for me thanks.

    Yea, didn’t fool you for a second, did i? 😉


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