Stopping For Breasts

Whew. Busy, busy weekend. Baked all day Saturday. Spent all day Sunday setting up and helping run a comedy fund-raiser for Caron Treatment Centers where I work part time. In fact let me talk about that first before I get to the breasts. The fund raiser featured The Comedy Addiction Tour. Here’s a sample from YT and they also have their own MySpace page. I’m not going back to get the MS link…you can look it up…

It was a great show and we had about 400 people in attendance.

Now, on my way to help set up for the event, I was traveling down interstate 95, a sometimes insane road but this was sunday so we are all flying in the 70-75 range, not NurseRatched speed but fast enough. About 5 miles short of the city I am met by a sea of red lights. Just before you get to Philly, Rt 95 has a series of hills so can’t really tell what is going on more than a quarter mile in front of you. Traffic crawls along for a mile or so. Then two miles, and then suddenly, for no apparent reason, the road opens right up free and clear. No accident, no merging, no police activity. Nothing. Well, nothing except a billboard off to the right..advertising breast augmentation. Not to mention that is was not a, shall we say, subtle ad showing day-lilies and smiling women. The babe on this board was straight out of a Hawaiian Tropic ad wearing a bikini, kneeling spread eagle on the beach with her arms clasped to her sides creating cleavage you could drive a semi through.

Not five feet past the billboard…not a traffic problem in sight…Fixated???? Nah……



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7 responses to “Stopping For Breasts

  1. Snowelf

    Chocolate for the girls, boobs for the guys. Way to spoil your readers, Coop! 🙂


  2. Bill

    Listen up kids, I’m only going to cover this once and this will be on the test…

    We have been discussing authors’ use a variety of literary techniques in their work. Today’s lesson is on foreshadowing.

    Foreshadowing describes when an author suggests future events or even the outcome of a story by dropping sly hints into the developing narrative. The subtlety of the clue may range from a description of the killer-to-be cleaning his nails with a knife to seemingly insignificant words on a sign or an offhand comment.

    In today’s reading assignment, the great JW Cooper mentions a series of hills which obscure vision on the highway approaching Philadelphia before revealing the true cause of the slow traffic.

    Your homework assignment is to write down five examples of foreshadowing you observe in TV shows and movies. OK, you may go play now.

  3. the video was a hoot. i had to muffle myself not to wake people.

    and holy moses on a pogo stick I-95 is bad enough. they didn’t know tits the size of a semi was gonna booger up traffic even worse than it usually is down there????

  4. FG

    LMAO… so many comments… so little time…

  5. That’s the way it goes I guess. . . . lol 🙂

  6. I feel so special with the honorable mention here! LOL…I am waiting for Temecula to send me the COST of my ticket…OH MY! But at least I can do traffic school and not get the points or have it on my record.

    I can ONLY imagine the traffic jams those would cause.

    The video is hysterical. Thanks for sharing.

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