Speaking of Little League

It gets no better than this….

Vodpod videos no longer available. from sports.espn.go.com posted with vodpod



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6 responses to “Speaking of Little League

  1. Bill

    Yes, that was awfully sportswomenlike of them.

    Most guys would have said, “Though luck,” and taken the win.


  2. That day there were two teams that won. I heard about the story but didn’t see it until now. Definitely a real tear jerker and people can learn a lot from watching this.

    Thanks for posting it Cooper ;o)

  3. you nailed that on the head. it was true sportsmanship and showed so much class. that the homerun leader wanted to make sure someone who got her first homerun was able to enjoy the sweet taste of that accomplishment even though it cost the game is just completely classy.

  4. You’re right~ it don’t get no better than that. Reminds me of the days when my daughter played fast pitch and how all the girls were such good sports. Thanks for the cleansing cry. I won’t thank you for choaking on my coffee though…that was my stupidity thinking I could swallow while watching that most powerful video.

  5. wow, that kind of stuff doesn’t happen much anymore. Those girls on the opposing team desirve more then a patt on the back. But i am sure that with the wasy the karma wheel turns they will be rewarded.

  6. Stace

    As a former 4 year varsity softball player, there is nothing sweeter than sportsmanship. Pass the tissues.

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