What’s The Deal Anyway?

Why are they called dishwashers? They should be dishrinsers. Guys, don’t ever try to put a dirty dish in the dishwasher unless you desire the wrath of your other half chastising you for not washing the dish before it goes in the dishwasher. This device is in the house in order to “save time”. Uh-huh. So I can take the extra 10 seconds to completely clean the dish I have to wash before it goes in the dishwasher, or I can put it in the dishwasher for 45 minutes worth of water guzzling washing.


What exactly is hidden in women’s pajamas that they don’t want us guys to see? Take my friend Barb, or rather my wife’s friend Barb – I am allowed to be friends with hubby Dave. Now I can go to the pool on a hot summer’s day and pick a lounge chair next to my good friends and we can chat it up for hours or even take a swim. Now Barb has been blessed with what may be referred to as a Barbie Doll type figure and has no qualms about wearing her green bikini to the pool. You know the scene in Caddyshack where Lacey walks into the pool and all the guys stop dead and suck in their guts? Barb has the same impact. Barb walks in and most of the guys immediately dive into the pool to cool off. The point is she’s damn near naked and that’s just fine. So, I go to Dave and Barb’s house one evening to borrow a CD from Dave. Being polite I ring the ball. The door opens a crack and Barb peeks around the door to see who it is. All I can see is her face. She excuses herself to retrieve Dave. He comes to the door, throws it wide open to reveal Barb standing there in a high collar full length flannel nightgown, something right off a WalMart shelf. She runs upstairs saying I shouldn’t see her like this. “I just saw you at the pool a few hours ago almost naked!” I scream. “This is different.” she retorts. What’s she hiding, Hmmmmmm??????



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6 responses to “What’s The Deal Anyway?

  1. i am clearly an anomaly in the female world because all i do is scrape off the big chunks before i stick dishes in the dishwasher.

    also, i don’t wear pajamas to sleep in, i pad around the house in them so i am NOT naked when people come around. and i don’t give a rip who sees me in them. of course, i lack the barbie doll figure, but whatever.

  2. Bill

    Then I must be an anomaly in the male world because I do not use the dishwasher at all…well once after moving in to make sure the darn thing worked. I wash dishes by hand in the sink and never leave dirty ones there overnight unless something is stubborn and needs a good soaking. It is an old habit because the parents did it that way and yes, they have one and have only used it once…

    That said, the machine we call the dishwasher does serve some useful purposes. First, it does a good job cutting grease that a quick prewashing leaves behind. Second, the water temperature hotter than human hands can stand kills germs. Finally, it is a convenient place to store the tools between meals or at least until they can be moved into a cabinet. The water does not flow the entire time the machine is on; studies have shown that a dishwasher uses less water than keeping the faucet running to rinse.

    The pajama thing is mental. Changing into PJs is usually done after deciding no more strangers (people from outside of the household) will be visiting for the day. Often, it is part of a process which includes things such as removing makeup and taking out contact lenses and putting on glasses. Meaning that one is not considered to be “presentable” until after getting ready to start the next day.


  3. true enough, i never even had a dishwasher until 4 years ago, all hand washing until then.

    as for the psychology of pj’s…i never wear makeup and i comb my hair with my fingers so must be why i don’t much care. only difference between pjs and clothes for me is the presence or absence of undergamrents and whether or not i have showered.

  4. I bought a dish washer once~ didn’t like it, don’t have one now. My buddy Pete (who passed) told me that the reason he and his wife got a divorce was over a dishwasher. He wanted a Kenmore and she wanted some guy named Ted…

    I don’t care who sees me in my pj’s. I figure they see me in less when I’m out in the yard with my shorts/t-shirt and here lately, my swim suit. Gag…

  5. i dont’ like to meet people in my PJ’s. What i wear for the public is thought of. It’s presented. It’s the choice to look a certain way. But in PJ’s that is almost a vunerability for me, because i am really quite comfortable and have no “image” to speak of. I have sponge bob square pants and a tank top to sheild me. Which isn’t exactly something that i would want unless i was married to you.

    And the dishwasher, as far as i am concerned, is only good for glasses that have already been rincedand popcorn bowls. And then on the lowest cycle. Other then that, we seldome use it.

  6. Snowelf

    Ahhh, Coops, my friend was telling me I was part guy this morning, but alas, I’m fearing it might be true…

    I NEVER rinse my dishes. I’m like Lime, I scrape them off and then I just throw them in all dirty and if they don’t come clean, I just run them through again. I am a terrible dishes slacker.

    I LOVE pj’s.
    I wear pj’s all day on Sunday if I can get away with it. And I put them on almost immediately when I get home. And I don’t care who sees me in them.


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