You Tubish…

This one is making the rounds…and for good reason…from our friends down under…

Probably should not challenge these guys to beer pong…



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3 responses to “You Tubish…

  1. that first video was disturbing but it sure got it’s point across.

    the second one…CRAZY!!!! way too much time on their hands. lol

  2. I know a woman who will not leave her husband and he treats her like S H I T . I keep telling her (even though I should probably mind my own business) that because her son wittnesses his dad’s behavior, he will think it’s all right when he grows up. No one listens…

    If there was still an Ed Sullivan Show those boys would be instant stars~ If they came to my house, I would buy all the beer they wanted just as long as they played pong. I like silly stuff like that 🙂

  3. Wow. That first video is powerful.

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