On The Fly

I love lunch.  No, I mean I really love lunch.  It is unquestionably my favorite meal of the day.   Breakfast is kewl, although I’ve usually not conscious enough to really enjoy it and dinner is, well, dinner.  Won’t go into that whole harangue.

But Lunch is the highlight of the day.  One of the reasons is that it’s a great time to get creative, unless of course you have to worry about feeding half a dozen yard apes in which case thank god for PBJ, hot dogs and mac & cheese.  So today was a lets-just-throw-it-all-in-a-bowl-and-see-what-happens day. In this very bowl are the following:

shredded barbecue chicken, celery, some green seedless grapes, walnuts, craisins, some hunks of sharp cheddar, mayo, mustard (spicy brown), horseradish.  Not too bad.  A couple cherry tomatoes would have been nice.  No it wasn’t spicy at all. People hear horseradish and freak, but I use just enough for flavor.  Now if this were tuna instead of chicken I would have added old bay and dill.  pretty damn tasty if I do say so myself.



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10 responses to “On The Fly

  1. Looks tasty, but where are the chocolate chips? 🙂

    I love horseradish and can even eat the Horsey Sauce at Arby’s straight.

    Wasabi is another matter; it is like fire out of the nostrils – I love to joke around and tell people it is spicy guacamole…


  2. will you please come be my lunch chef? lunch just makes me yawn. i have hard time getting motivated or excited about it. but you are a lunch genius.

  3. jwcooper3

    Bill – cruel. Funny, but cruel. Nothing like a good sinus cleaning.

    Lime – my pleasure.But be warned, some days it’s just PBJ (on rye of course)

  4. looks very delish. Then again, i am pregnant and want all sorts of wierd things in a bowl. lol….

  5. Kel

    Hey Cooper – thanks for the well wishes. I’m feeling better – been laying on the couch for a few days, drinking lots of water and cranberry juice, and taking tons of antibiotics.

    Anyway, your lunch looks yum. And I loooove horseradish, wasabi, and all sorts of spicy goodness.

  6. jwcooper3

    X – pickles and ice cream? I wonder why it’s always pickles as opposed to say, beets?

    Kel – Glad things are improving. Yes we use much spicy goodness around here…

  7. Snowelf

    Grapes? Really? I never would have thought of adding that, but it sounds really interesting. I guess they kinda have the same flavoring as pineapple if you think about it. 🙂
    I’ve never had horseradish before, but it doesn’t scare me. 😉


  8. jwcooper3

    Snow – it’s like a Waldorf salad only using grapes instead of apples. I took about six of them and cut ’em in half. You could also squeeze the juice from a slice of lemon in as well…didn’t think of that before. That would brighten it up a bit.

  9. Surprising you did not think of trying a “slice of lime”…

    Grapes are great frozen, especially on a hot day.


  10. Look yum-yum-yum! If I slap a piece of bologna between two slices of bread, I’m good. I eat a late breakfast so lunch is sketchy but dinner, now that there is a different story.. 😉

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