2nd Draft – Finito!

Yep. Killin’ trees but wanted to print the whole thing out anyway. It’s kewl to see it on paper instead of on-screen.

Next step: find some readers to really go over it an critique the hell out of it (any volunteers?) while I start word-smithing a third draft. At least now it all makes some sort of logical sense (I think). Now it’s time to really fine tune this sucker…

Yea me.



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8 responses to “2nd Draft – Finito!

  1. what is the genre and length and can you give us a blurb?

  2. FG

    That is the most incredible picture I have seen in ages. Congrats!!! Now to see it bound… and signed by the author 🙂

  3. HOLY SHIT!!!!! How many pages are there??? And ditto on Lime

  4. jwcooper3

    It’s mystery/fiction. The protagonist is a female drummer who owns a used record store in an ivy-league college town. All of a sudden she’s faced with some personal losses and struggles, some of the answer to which point back to her.

    Right now it’s about 285 double spaced pages…a tad over 93,000 words

  5. ME ME ME!! i love to read! AND i even have holidays to dedicate to a new book!

  6. snowelf

    I want to read it!!!
    All of it!!!
    Can you send it to me?


  7. I’d luv to =)

    & u know i can edit …..i’ve been editing for yrs on my own shite =)
    congrats!~~& thanx for the words of encouragement ….i really dont want ot leave yet another job…but i WILL NOT be micromanaged by the prick that he is!……i could see if i wasnt doing my job..or didnt know what i was talking about…or didnt already have 16yrs experience w/ this firm….but …come on …he must be a miserable husband and father too ….that poor woman ….. =)

  8. I will read it and with pleasure. Rest assured, I will be honest in my critique. Let me know the hows and whatits if you want me to 🙂

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