Getting Enough Yogurt Ladies?

OK. So I’m on a YouTube bender here. Like I’m not writing enough these days. This was posted on Dr. Robyn’s Kiss My Assets blog but I thought it needed repeating. So head for the fridge, grab a Yoplait, sit back and enjoy…



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7 responses to “Getting Enough Yogurt Ladies?

  1. damn, and here’s me without my grey hoodie. will a ratty pink bathrobe be acceptable yogurt eating garb or do i need to go get out the ghastly bridesmaid dress?

  2. AHHHH!!!! That is too funny! You know what kills me is that they can take a small cup of yogurt and make it look as if they are eating a 7 course meal. WTF?? Mine lasts about 2 seconds! Yep, guilty as charged here, I am the over 40 Activia eater here. But you know…that “shit” (no pun intended) works! LMAO Thanks for the laugh Coop ;o)

    BTW…regarding your comment on my post. I was not a fan of them AT ALL until I saw them live. You can see the respect, admiration that they have for each other and their friendship is a bond that you rarely see in entertainers anymore. This is their 50th year together. I still don’t listen to their cd’s unless it’s a live one. One of those things that’s hard to explain but to see a couple of guys jamming into their 60’s is energizing ;o)

  3. rofl… that is too funny coops!

    I don’t eat activia. i barely like yogurt. but somehow i get guilted into buying it (in my head of course) like i just SHOULD eat it. or at least have it for show in my fridge. Marketing works people.

  4. Too funny. I’m thinking the yogurt might have been a better idea than the pizza. lol

    thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Wow, that Dove thing was ages ago. I’d almost forgotten about it. 🙂

  5. I thought of you today while I was eating my Activia….LMAO

  6. Kel

    That was toooo funny! As sick as I’ve been, the doctor told me to eat some yogurt. I don’t like yogurt by itself – I add something like Grape Nuts to it. But with the diverticulitis, I’m supposed to be eating a low fiber diet. Apparently the kidney infection and the colon infection just don’t jive.

  7. I wonder if because I wear wife beaters and over-alls I would be excluded from their yogurt club? Ah, they can kiss my grits. I was eating yogurt, when yogurt wasn’t cool~ 😉

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