Sunday Funnies

You think the Jersey Shore is crowded???  Check this out.

The title of this post has little to do with anything other than it is Sunday.  I always loved reading the Sunday funnies.  Now I find very few appeal to me other than Get Fuzzy, Opus, Zits, Garfield (more out of habit than anything else).  I do long for the heyday when Bloom County, Calvin & Hobbes and The Far Side could always be counted upon.  Spread throughout the house we have most of the collections of those strips, at least the books the kids haven’t pilfered on their way out of the door.  I think we have one or two Garfield books in each bathroom.

On to other things.  The band braved the oncoming storms to play the Red Bank Jazz & Blues Festival.  All the weatherfolk were prognosticating gloom and doom in the form of lightning, hail, tornadoes, locusts, etc, none of which we saw, just some high gusts.  We kicked ass.  We were sequestered along the Navasink River in a 10 x 10 three walled canvas tent, stuck between the funnel cake stand on the left and the gyros vendor on the right. The more we played the more people stopped and hung out for the set so we had a decent crowd by the time we were finished.  Maybe next year we’ll get to play the main stage in the middle of the park. That would be kewl.  For the first time ever playing out I blew a stick…went flying right out of my hand.  No one seemed to notice and I have to say I did a whiz-bang job of keeping the beat going while extracting a new stick from my bag of tricks that I have hanging on my floor tom.  One of these days I’ll have some photo’s of the band to post. If you have a MySpace account you can go check out some of our shots on the band’s MySpace page.

We rock.



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6 responses to “Sunday Funnies

  1. Great job! If only Jersey was not so far from here…

    I have also quit reading the comics in the paper. I grab the Sudoku now.


  2. i miss bloom county, far side and calvin& hobbes. the funnies just ain’t the same. foxtrot and zits are pretty good though.

    you sooo have to post some band related stuff here. i cannot bring myself to do the myspace thing. that place drives me up a wall.

  3. jwcooper3

    Bill: I am a Sudoku addict…

    Lime: Yes Ma’am.

  4. Cooper – somehow, I am not surprised. I could blog about Sudoku for a whole week, but will make just one special post for now.


  5. Cool!!!
    I’m with Lime about MySpace, I maintain the obligatory presence there, but you know where else to find me.. Mainly on the Facebook Scrabble board!

  6. CanMan

    Ahh, yes! I remember Sunday morning laying on the living room floor with Calvin, Bloom, etc with dunkin donuts and when I was done watching The Three Stooges and Laurel and Hardy on TV (yes, and in Black and White)

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