It’s Friggin’ HOT

So what does one do when the temps are in the mid 90’s and the humidity is not far behind? OF COURSE !!!

You and your band play and outdoor on a black asphalt parking lot at 4:30 in the afternoon. Can you say ‘heat stroke’ boys and girls? I was but a few minutes away from it. Fortunately I play with a smart band and after three songs Jo decided enough was enough so we did two more and stopped. And to be honest, playing wasn’t half bad. It was the lugging of drum equipment, setting up, tearing down and re-lugging the set that whipped my ass. I think I went through 6 bottles of Poland Spring and left a pool of sweat where-ever I stood.

Our next gig is this Thursday and indoors (I think) at 8 PM in the lovely Moose Lodge in beautiful downtown Doylestown, PA. We Play all the classy joints. But we’re having gangs of fun doing it…well at least I am.

Some of you non-MySpace types have been asking about the band so allow me to post a few things…

The Multi-Talented and Lovely Jo Wymer (guitar, harmonica, keyboards, lead vocals)

The Even Lovelier Fred “Hipbone” Dorword (bass)

And of course The Lovliest of Them All – Helen Radtke (violin, guitar, backup vocals)

Oh, and me, safely tucked behind them all. Here we are playing this past Wednesday at The Cambridge Inn. Think Sizzler, only a little more classy.



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5 responses to “It’s Friggin’ HOT

  1. i began to sweat just thinking about performing under such conditions. may all your gigs be air-conditioned from here on out.

  2. Great looking band. Imteresting you did not list what you did in addition to playing the drums like for the others. Cowbell perhaps?

    Probably nobody expected this heat wave. Well, you did the most important thing for dealing with that kind of weather – drink lots of water. If you are not going to the restroom or if it comes out brown, you are not drinking enough. And have a bottle of some kind of sports drink once in awhile to replace those electrolytes.

    If they will let you, erect some shade. I’ll vouch for an EZ-Up or a Qwik-Shade with the aluminum coating on the underside of the canopy.

    Bill, writing from hell…er…uh…Texas

  3. I admire anyone that would try to do anything in this heat. I also dig any band that has someone playing violin.

  4. jomama

    Everyone needs more cowbell! But on the COOP kinda cowbell!

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