Email From The Great Beyond

Thanx to Chandira for posting this link.  This is such a great scam…I am so pissed I didn’t think of it.

Now you can send emails to all your friends and relatives…AFTER YOU’RE DEAD !!!  Or as the site puts it, after The Rapture has come to carry the righteous away.  Yes, for the paltry sum of $40 a year you get about 100mb of storage and an automatic post-Rapture email trigger sending whatever documents and nonsense you want to all your heathen friends Left Behind on this Earth for their sinning ways.  Oh, Baby…where’s my Visa number ????  Left Behind



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6 responses to “Email From The Great Beyond

  1. Oh dear god, that’s ridiculous. Anyway to make money off people. The scary part is they have customers.

  2. No…. seriously? lmao

  3. I heard about this on NPR’s “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” gameshow. I couldn’t believe it either. It’s both brilliant and horrifying all at once. Oh, the crazy things that religion makes us do…

  4. Tell me it ain’t so…

  5. askauntb1

    That’s pretty cool. I know, I wish I’d thought of it first too! Dammit!

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